Laura McCallum Feature Archive

Gov. Pawlenty has called for cracking down on illegal immigration, and although his proposals are unlikely to get through the Legislature intact this session, he could get some political traction from the issue. (04/11/2006)
Just ahead of a due date for property tax payments - and just weeks before the fall election - rebate checks averaging $205 would begin arriving in the mailboxes of homeowners if House Republican lawmakers get their way. (04/10/2006)
Two years ago, Gov. Pawlenty announced an ambitious plan to end long-term homelessness in Minnesota by the year 2010. State officials say the plan is on track to achieve its goal, although there are plenty of challenges ahead. (04/09/2006)
Two recent high-profile killings in Minneapolis have prompted a round of finger-pointing between state and local officials, over whether the city is spending is money wisely on public safety. (04/05/2006)
Senate Majority Leader Dean Johnson on Monday apologized publicly - for a second time - for remarks he made about the gay marriage issue to a group of pastors. (03/27/2006)
Sen. Dean Johnson, under pressure for embellishing remarks on the gay marriage issue, will make a public apology on the Senate floor as part of a resolution of an ethics complaint. (03/24/2006)
The Minnesota Senate took unusually quick action Thursday to pass the primary legislation of this year's session, a bill authorizing the state to borrow money for construction projects. (03/23/2006)
A bill that would ask voters to dedicate a portion of the sales tax to environmental projects has become so loaded down with other proposals that even the bill's sponsor says he doesn't recognize it. Supporters of the measure are upset with the changes. (03/22/2006)
Senate Majority Leader Dean Johnson says he embellished when he said Supreme Court justices told him they wouldn't overturn the state's marriage law, and he's sorry. The Republican Party wasted no time in producing a new ad that criticizes Johnson's actions. (03/17/2006)
In what sounded like a test of possible themes for a re-election campaign, Pawlenty said he's completed the biggest financial turnaround in state history. (03/09/2006)
Attorney General Mike Hatch appeared to be the favorite candidate for governor among those attending DFL precinct caucuses Tuesday night. In the DFL's U.S. Senate contest, a straw poll showed Hennepin County Attorney Amy Klobuchar had nearly 77 percent to veterinarian Ford Bell's 16 percent. (03/07/2006)
The two leading health care experts at the state Capitol are calling for changes to Minnesota's health care system, but their ideas differ dramatically. (03/02/2006)
The 2006 legislative session got underway Wednesday, with plenty of talk about bipartisan cooperation. State leaders are pledging a short, productive session. But they disagree on what the agenda should be, and that is already threatening their pledge of harmony. (03/01/2006)
More than half of the surplus is set aside for Minnesota schools. And if a pending court ruling goes against the state, the surplus could evaporate and become a shortfall. (02/28/2006)
Minnesota lawmakers return to the Capitol Wednesday for what they're hoping will be a brief and productive session. They want to avoid a repeat of last year, when gridlock resulted in the state's first partial government shutdown. (02/27/2006)