Mary Losure Feature Archive

What happens when the Midwest's farming industry threatens one of the finest trout streams in the region? (05/28/1999)
Dams are out in a new view of how to prevent river flooding in Minnesota. (05/17/1999)
Native American elders meet officials who want to route a highway over their sacred ground. (03/22/1999)
Protesters of expanded highway are back and armed with new support. (02/04/1999)
A report by the State Legislative Auditor finds "numerous weaknesses" in the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency's feedlot program. (01/29/1999)
The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency has allegedly been lax in preventing feedlots from killing fish and polluting water. (01/25/1999)
Is industrial hemp the salvation of Minnesota agriculture or a link to the "drug culture"? Governor Jesse Ventura and the Minnesota Legislature are about to decide. (01/06/1999)
The goshawk may be the tool needed by environmentalists to preserve old-growth forests. (11/20/1998)
Many feel as though commerce is outweighing the need to preserve old-growth forests. (11/18/1998)
As clear-cutting methods become more efficient, many are concerned the wildlife that depends on older, diverse forests will suffer. (11/18/1998)
Part III of the series: Disappearing Amphibians. (06/04/1998)
Part II of the series: Disappearing Amphibians. (06/02/1998)
Part I of the series: Disappearing Amphibians. (06/01/1998)
Could the agency's approach itself be at the heart of many environmental problems? (05/15/1998)
The move to set aside more wilderness for motorized transport has focused new attention on timber-cutting around the BWCA. (10/02/1997)