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Gretchen Lehmann Feature Archive

Remains of the dead are causing archaeologists to think about their work. (02/24/1999)
Workers at a St. Cloud construction site are digging history. (01/29/1999)
Some officials say a program to cut prison costs in Minnesota and use wasted space at Camp Ripley has accomplished little. (01/21/1999)
Welding is becoming a lost profession in Minnesota. Some businesses and schools are trying to solve the labor shortage by reviving interest in it. (12/30/1998)
Many fail to see far-reaching effects Y2K problem will have outside their own businesses. (12/28/1998)
Amateur pilots in St. Cloud remove geographic barriers to advanced medical treatments. (12/23/1998)
The debate continues over the authenticity of an object pulled from earth in 1898. (11/24/1998)
The current upswing in dairy prices makes farmers take stock in the future. (11/20/1998)
Results of a Pope County court case may affect how future feedlot applications are handled. (11/04/1998)
Department of Fish and Wildlife is working with local farmers to save and restore native grasslands. (10/26/1998)
Most state and federal officials have declared welfare reform a success, but what happens if there's a recession? (10/16/1998)
Cathedrals in cornfields give a glimpse of the past. (08/07/1998)
Local counties are willing to take over state responsibilities. (05/13/1998)
Although the loss of adolescents from congregations is often bemoaned, some teens have made religion part of their life. (04/23/1998)
Dennis Frederick's decision to stay in the classroom and teach has effected more than just his class - it has touched his entire community. (11/07/1997)