Michael Khoo Feature Archive

If Gov. Tim Pawlenty has his way, the city of Rochester could be in for a building boom. In Pawlenty's State of the State address from Rochester Tuesday, he outlined a list of projects for the city and the region. Political observers say the attention on Rochester could be an attempt to shore up Republican support in what's long been considered GOP territory. (01/19/2005)
Lawmakers of both major parties joined bartenders and restaurant patrons at a German eatery Friday to back a statewide smoking ban that would snuff out cigarettes in restaurants, bars and private clubs. (01/14/2005)
The fate of Minnesota's handgun permit law is now before a state Court of Appeals panel. The appellate court heard arguments about whether to reinstate the law, which was struck down last summer, or let the lower court ruling stand. (01/13/2005)
American Indian tribes that own casinos should join together and provide grants to less-prosperous tribes, the head of the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe said Tuesday. (01/11/2005)
The Minnesota House of Representatives said goodbye to a longtime public servant on Monday. Chief Clerk Ed Burdick retired this year after serving 38 years as the body's top administrator and unofficial referee. (01/10/2005)
With the new year and the new legislative session, there've been an awful lot of resolutions among lawmakers to find common ground and cross-party compromise. But what does it take to build that sort of consensus? (01/06/2005)
Gov. Tim Pawlenty put forward a beefed-up, $816 million proposal for state-backed construction projects Monday along with an invitation to hear out legislators who want to borrow even more. (01/03/2005)
Lawmakers are returning to St. Paul to convene the 84th Minnesota Legislature on Tuesday. The principal order of business will be crafting a two-year state budget that's currently projected to run at least $700 million short. (01/03/2005)
A group of Minnesota veterans is calling for a congressional inquiry into whether troops in Iraq have adequate supplies and protective equipment. (12/14/2004)
A new proposal by the Association of Minnesota Counties outlines includes a 10-cent-a-gallon gas tax increase, a move Gov. Tim Pawlenty has repeatedly ruled out. (12/14/2004)
A looming $700 million deficit anticipated in Minnesota's next budget cycle has reframed the debate on how much government the state can afford. (12/13/2004)
The woman who gave what she says are flu shots at Augsburg College in Minneapolis says the shots were genuine and safe. Michelle Torgerson appeared at brief news conference with her Minneapolis attorney Monday, to reassure those who received shots from her. (12/06/2004)
Minnesota is headed into a fourth straight year of budget deficits. State officials Wednesday projected a $700 million shortfall during the upcoming two-year budget cycle. The budget news has led to a chorus of interest groups calling for tax increases of some sort to plug the leak. (12/02/2004)
The family of kidnapping victim Dru Sjodin has notified the state of Minnesota that it intends to seek wrongful death damages as a result of Sjodin's abduction and murder. Convicted Minnesota sex offender Alfonso Rodriguez, Jr., faces charges in Sjodin's death, and the family argues that the state's handling of Rodriguez contributed to the college student's death. The family is expected to seek damages in excess of $1 million. (11/24/2004)
Gov. Tim Pawlenty's call for a special legislative session to authorize state construction projects is encountering considerable DFL skepticism. Last week, Pawlenty called for a short session next month to approve borrowing for a short list of public infrastructure projects that he says are largely uncontroversial. But Democrats are wary that the governor's list excludes the investments they happen to favor. (11/22/2004)