Michael Khoo Feature Archive

A victim of Monday's shooting on the Red Lake Indian Reservation gave a first-hand account of the ordeal Thursday. Sophomore Cody Thunder says he had no idea Jeff Weise posed a threat until the 16-year-old opened fire at Red Lake High School. (03/24/2005)
Two proposals for new gambling venues have passed their first legislative hurdle. On Friday night, the House Gaming Division gave the nod to Gov. Tim Pawlenty's plan for a state-tribal partnership that would operate a Twin Cities casino. It also advanced a plan to open put slot machines at the Canterbury Park racetrack in Shakopee. Opponents say either proposal could lead to an unchecked explosion of gambling in the state. (03/19/2005)
Opponents of a constitutional amendment on marriage say the location and the timing of a hearing smack more of politics than public policy. They say the hearing appears to be targeting two DFL opponents of a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage. (03/17/2005)
After weeks of news conferences, speculation and chatter, the House Gaming Division held the first legislative hearing Wednesday on what could turn out to be the three most substantive proposals this session to expand gambling as a source of state revenue. (03/16/2005)
A Minnesota Public Radio analysis of campaign finance records shows that state political party units last year spent close to $3 million to influence the outcome of a handful of targeted legislative races. In almost two dozen cases, the party spending outstripped what the candidates themselves were allowed to spend under voluntary spending restraints. (03/14/2005)
Gov. Tim Pawlenty toured the state Friday with officials from three Minnesota Indian tribes to pitch a state-tribal partnership for a new casino in the Twin Cities metro area. But the plan immediately came in for harsh criticism from the state's other eight Indian tribes and some lawmakers. (03/04/2005)
Gov. Tim Pawlenty and three tribes have reportedly reached a deal on a Twin Cities casino venture between the tribes and the state. The governor and tribal leaders are set to unveil the details of the plan Friday. (03/03/2005)
Reggie Fowler may have struck a tentative deal to buy the Minnesota Vikings, but that doesn't mean he'll be so lucky at the state Capitol. The Vikings have been seeking state support to build a $600 million football stadium for the past several years. So far those efforts have all failed, and lawmakers say a change in ownership is not likely to shift the dynamics. (02/15/2005)
U.S. Rep. Mark Kennedy is the first candidate to officially jump into the U.S. Senate race. Kennedy, a Republican, announced Friday that he will run for the seat being vacated by DFLer Mark Dayton. (02/11/2005)
Cigarettes infused with lime, vanilla, berry and other candy flavors would be pulled off Minnesota store shelves under a proposed ban by Gov. Tim Pawlenty, who accused the tobacco industry Thursday of marketing the specialty products to teens. (02/10/2005)
Sen. Mark Dayton said Wednesday he won't seek a second term next year, saying he doesn't believe he's the best candidate for Democrats. (02/09/2005)
A new report gives Minnesota a B+ for government performance -- putting the state in the upper cluster of top performers. But the non-partisan study also warned that recent gridlock at the Legislature could jeopardize that ranking and undo years of solid progress. (01/31/2005)
Gov. Tim Pawlenty is banking on some sort of casino revenue to help balance the state's budget over the next two years. But the gambling debate straddles many political fault lines and cuts across party loyalties, making it a tricky issue to negotiate. (01/26/2005)
Gov. Tim Pawlenty's $30 billion budget proposal promises to wipe out an expected $700 million deficit without raising state taxes. But critics say the governor is merely pushing costs down to cities, counties and school boards. (01/25/2005)
The Senate approved a state borrowing bill Monday that would increase the state's long-term debt by nearly $1 billion. (01/24/2005)