Bob Kelleher Feature Archive

Weekend rains have helped alleviate the immediate fire danger in northern Minnesota, but fire officials say much more rain is needed to overcome a long dry spell that reminds some people of moisture levels not seen in decades. (05/03/2010)
The fire risk in northern Minnesota remains high despite weekend rains. (05/03/2010)
The DNR said someone has been setting wildfires near Cloquet, just south of Duluth. (04/29/2010)
A disagreement between two government agencies has stalemated a solution to a big problem for the Iron Range town of Bovey. That's where a nearby mine pit continues filling with water that could inundate Bovey if not stopped. (04/23/2010)
More than 160 independent physicians and 40 clinics in Northeastern Minnesota and Northwestern Wisconsin are banding together to better compete with large hospital-based physician networks. (04/20/2010)
The school in the town of Orr went into lockdown this morning when a knife was found. (04/15/2010)
The Catholic Diocese of Superior has suspended a Wisconsin priest after allegations of "inappropriate conduct" with an unnamed individual. (04/14/2010)
Major re-construction begins soon on a 10-mile stretch of Interstate 35 through Duluth, and transportation officials warn that traffic will move slowly at times; and there's no good single detour to get around the mess. (04/14/2010)
Duluth's crushing obligation for retiree health care costs was once projected to push the city to possible bankruptcy. (04/07/2010)
Two Minnesota men have filed a federal lawsuit seeking to remove Minnesota wolves from the U.S. endangered species list. (04/07/2010)
Duluth officials are considering instant runoff voting in city elections. (04/06/2010)
Ice is going out on northeastern Minnesota lakes well ahead of normal and often more than week earlier than previous records. (04/05/2010)
Minnesotans are ahead of the rest of the nation in returning census forms, but in some places in the state residents never receive the forms at all. (04/01/2010)
Small businesses will be among the first in line to take advantage of provisions under federal health care reform. President Obama hailed the tax credits designed to make health plans more affordable. But some business owners say the tax credit doesn't reduce the cost of health insurance enough. (03/30/2010)
An ambitious plan to connect police and other critical service providers by broadband across northeast Minnesota is getting more than $43 million in federal funding. (03/23/2010)