Bob Kelleher Feature Archive

The Forest Service has changed its mind about demolishing historic log-building research facility near Ely. (10/14/2010)
Regulators have begun work on a new document to supplement environmental studies for PolyMet Mining's controversial copper-nickel mine near Hoyt Lakes. (10/13/2010)
Minnesota's annual moose hunt is underway -- even though the animal is all but gone from northwest Minnesota, and the herd is in decline in the northeast. Even some moose hunters wonder why the state allows the animals to be hunted at all. (10/12/2010)
Democratic U.S. Rep. Jim Oberstar's campaign is questioning results of a poll released this week by his Republican challenger Chip Cravaack. The new poll, paid for by Cravaack's campaign, shows the challenger running neck and neck with Oberstar. (10/06/2010)
MPR's Cathy Wurzer spoke with Minnesota Public Radio news reporter Bob Kelleher who talked from our Duluth bureau about the ban on synthetic marijuana in Duluth and an internal Republican poll on the race in the 8th Congressional District, plus other news in northeastern Minnesota. (10/06/2010)
The National Transportation Safety Board is sending a team of investigators to northeastern Minnesota where two trains collided head-on and injured five crew members. (10/01/2010)
A new report shows broadband internet is rapidly spreading across Minnesota, but still sparse in less-populated parts of the state. (09/29/2010)
The North Shore is a corridor for millions of warblers, cedar waxwings, northern flickers, hawks and owls. It's also a strong candidate to attract wind turbines that generate electricity. (09/29/2010)
A Minnesota Court of Appeals affirmed the a district court's ruling from a year ago that the city could drop more than 100 different versions of health plans in favor of putting all retirees on the same plan as current employees. (09/21/2010)
Duluth officials are scrambling to invest public funds into new job creation ideas before a temporary state program expires. (09/16/2010)
An independent review has determined a Duluth police officer was justified in a shooting that took the life of a teenage boy. (09/15/2010)
Northshore Mining Company will pay almost $12,000 in penalties for two air pollution violations at the company's Silver Bay taconite plant. (09/15/2010)
After three failed attempts, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is again considering whether to remove the gray wolf from federal protection in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan. (09/14/2010)
More than $80 million in federal broadband grants announced today will bring high-speed communications to virtually every home in Lake and Cook Counties and parts of eastern St. Louis County. (09/13/2010)
The Minnesota Nurses Association has given a Duluth hospital system 10-day notice of a strike. (09/03/2010)