Bob Kelleher Feature Archive

One of the state's more remote attractions is found on Lake Superior's North Shore. The Grand Portage National Monument celebrates the state's fur trading history. It also serves as a bellwether for cooperation between the federal government and American Indians. (09/28/2009)
The Minnesota Court of Appeals has agreed with a lower court that the DNR followed the law preparing environmental studies for a steel plant in Itasca County. (09/22/2009)
Transit officials from Minnesota and Wisconsin begin meetings in Duluth Monday to share the latest in public bus and other transportation systems. (09/21/2009)
The move fulfills a deal made with environmental groups in July, when the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service promised to reinstate the wolves' protected status while considering its next move. (09/16/2009)
Officials in charge of a Duluth airport have to decide how many old trees to sacrifice in a biologically valuable forest for the sake of safety. (09/09/2009)
Kathryn Martin came to UMD in 1999, becoming the first female chancellor in the University of Minnesota system. Martin says she'll step down next July 31st. (09/03/2009)
Duluth's landmark Enger Tower is showing its age, but the city doesn't have the money to restore it. (09/01/2009)
The U.S. Coast Guard Friday published stringent new limits aimed at halting the spread of invasive species arriving in the ballast water of ships. (08/28/2009)
Minnesota's taconite mining industry is starting to emerge from a downturn, but the rebound is slow to reach the towns of Hibbing and Keewatin, where taconite plants remain on extended shut-down. (08/21/2009)
A committee considering the plight of Minnesota's dwindling moose herd released recommendations today. (08/18/2009)
Duluth airplane manufacturer Cirrus Aircraft reports second quarter sales more than doubled the pace of this year's first quarter. (08/14/2009)
The chair of the House Transportation Committee says legislation that could help stranded airline passengers remains stuck in the U.S. Senate. (08/12/2009)
Congressman Jim Oberstar has announced federal support for a third daily commercial flight out of the Hibbing-Chisholm airport. (08/12/2009)
University of Minnesota, Duluth researchers have set up a new Web site to enlist the public's help in tracking the state's moose population. (08/11/2009)
Some Minnesota school districts may have to go into debt to pay for the rising cost of health care for their retired employees. But some are unhappy about paying higher taxes to fund someone else's health benefits. (07/21/2009)