Bob Kelleher Feature Archive

A union official says U.S. Steel plans to start recalling laid-off workers to its Keewatin Taconite plant in northeastern Minnesota starting next week. (12/04/2009)
Fifty-two Qwest employees are losing their jobs at a Duluth directory service call center. (12/03/2009)
A three-year Duluth study finds Native American women, victimized by sexual assault, tend to get lost and overlooked in the legal system. (12/02/2009)
The Superior National Forest is implementing a new Off-Highway Vehicle use plan that authorizes hundreds of miles of new trails for motorized vehicles, and makes others off-limits. (12/01/2009)
A Duluth area man is hoping he's come up with the next big thing in green energy products. He's selling a heat-collecting window blind he rigged up at home. (11/30/2009)
An army of volunteers is putting the last touches on a Thanksgiving feast for thousands in Duluth. The annual free buffet started 20 years ago as a much smaller event in Superior. Now it draws hundreds of volunteers to cook and serve as many as 5,000 turkey dinners. (11/25/2009)
A new study of rusting steel supports in the Duluth-Superior harbor points to dissolved copper in the water as a contributing factor. (11/23/2009)
A roundup of recent news from the Duluth area. (11/23/2009)
The Iron Range attraction once known as IronWorld is closing its doors Friday. (11/19/2009)
A closed Wisconsin mine is playing a prominent role in the ongoing debate over mining for metals like copper and nickel, a debate that's currently raging in Northern Minnesota. (11/17/2009)
A proposed coal gasification power plant on the Iron Range has taken a big step forward, but still needs customers. (11/16/2009)
The Hibbing area in northeastern Minnesota has the highest jobless rate of any city in the state. It's also in the center of the state's taconite mining industry. The industry is seeing a mild rebound after a summer shutdown, but so far the upturn has skipped Hibbing. (11/02/2009)
A state court has sided with the City of Duluth in a long-standing dispute over the generous health benefits provided to hundreds of retired city workers. (10/13/2009)
A small Duluth program providing subsidized health insurance for low-income workers is expanding into much of Northeastern Minnesota. (10/06/2009)
State officials will soon release a long-awaited environmental review of PolyMet Mining's proposed copper and nickel mine in northeast Minnesota. (10/02/2009)