Bob Kelleher Feature Archive

Small business owners and the people who serve them are cautiously optimistic about new proposals from President Obama Wednesday. (01/29/2010)
The latest snow storm has produced ideal trail conditions for the John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon starting this weekend. (01/28/2010)
Viral hemorrhagic septicemia poses no threat to people, but can be fatal to fish. It's now been identified in all of the Great Lakes. (01/27/2010)
Long distance and emergency 911 phone service is out in communities along much of Lake Superior's North Shore. Local service remains unaffected. (01/26/2010)
A coalition of conservation groups plans to file suit over two former taconite waste pits intended to hold waste from new copper-nickel mining. (01/26/2010)
A federal judge has drastically reduced the damages a Brainerd woman must pay for illegally copying music. (01/22/2010)
Duluth airplane manufacturer Cirrus Aircraft has been through a couple of very challenging years, but company officials predict a turnaround this year and even a return to profitability. (01/21/2010)
Backers of an effort to keep destructive Asian carp out of the Great Lakes are pondering their next steps after suffering two setbacks Tuesday. (01/19/2010)
Gov. Tim Pawlenty announced Friday that the state has reached an agreement with U.S. Steel to acquire land for a state park at Lake Vermilion in northern Minnesota. (01/15/2010)
Duluth Metals has announced a partnership with one of the world's leading copper mining companies, a deal that's expected to provide money to start an underground mining project south of Ely. (01/14/2010)
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers says more DNA from the invasive Asian Carp has been found near Lake Michigan. (01/12/2010)
Flights were delayed and the Duluth Airport terminal evacuated after an unattended bag was found near a restroom. (01/08/2010)
Shipping canals near Chicago will stay open at least another week, while the U.S. Supreme Court prepares to consider a lawsuit seeking to keep Asian carp out of the Great Lakes. (01/08/2010)
Increased demand for steel is providing some welcome relief in northeast Minnesota, where taconite pellet plants are coming back online after one of the worst years in recent memory. (01/05/2010)
A Duluth-based power company has acquired a high-voltage power line and says it will use the line to deliver wind power. (01/04/2010)