Martin Kaste Feature Archive

An MPR-Pioneer Press poll shows a nearly-even split over whether the budget surplus should be returned or spent. (04/14/1999)
Republicans and Democrats team up, and lob a political grenade over to the Senate. (04/14/1999)
Everybody thought a Ventura administration would be interesting. Everybody was right. (04/12/1999)
"Pie attacks" on politicians are changing the atmosphere at the Capitol. (04/01/1999)
Common Cause says the link between contributions to Ventura and jobs he handed out can't be ignored. (03/25/1999)
Ventura espousing Democratic principles. Republicans are feeling left out. (03/02/1999)
Martin Kaste travels to Washington with Governor Ventura, and finds out why the governor likes the DC press corps better. (02/26/1999)
Flap over "Irish" comment masks extent of behind-the-scene political battles at the Capitol. (02/25/1999)
On the defensive at the Capitol, Ventura finds campaign atmosphere still exists on Main Street. (02/18/1999)
With the state ready to give back more money, some taxpayers aren't claiming what's already been returned. (02/15/1999)
Once his voting base, college students turn on Governor Ventura at Capitol protest. (02/10/1999)
Senate approves sales-tax rebate. But don't plan to spend the money yet. (02/08/1999)
Ventura gets high grades for reform-minded budget. (01/29/1999)
Here's a comparison of the various rebate plans at the Capitol. (01/29/1999)
The legislative lines are drawn for a battle over how lawmakers will return the budget surplus to Minnesotans. (01/14/1999)