Martin Kaste Feature Archive

Jesse Ventura's return to wresting as referee proves to be tame. (08/23/1999)
Iowa takes its presidential politics seriously, and for good reason. It may be the only time in the next four years that the candidates consider agriculture's plight. (08/13/1999)
Vice President Al Gore arrived in Minnesota July 29 to raise money and deliver a speech. Many top DFLers showed up at the fund-raiser, but others say they're looking for an alternative to Gore in 2000. (07/30/1999)
The forces backed by Governor Jesse Ventura have taken control of the Reform Party. But with Ventura saying he doesn't want to run for president, where does the party go from here? (07/26/1999)
The governor and officials with the World Wrestling Federation will say only that he's going "back in the ring." (07/12/1999)
The national momentum of the Reform Party has slowed. Governor Jesse Ventura thinks he knows why: Ross Perot. (06/30/1999)
On his weekly radio show, the governor clashes with those who say he's putting too much "schtick" into the office. (06/25/1999)
Governor Ventura proposes a stadium idea and leaves officials wondering if he's serious, or just trying to be funny. (06/18/1999)
Does the Honeywell closing teach state officials anything about keeping companies here? (06/08/1999)
All sides in Minnesota's new form of government claim victory as session ends. (05/18/1999)
Legislators get a lot of what they want; and what they don't. (05/13/1999)
But agreement on taxes and education spending shows three-party system can work. (05/12/1999)
Legislators may continue funding public broadcasting. The question is whether MPR is part of the plan. (05/06/1999)
A long-debated idea resurfaces at the Capitol: legislators voting themselves out of a job. (04/29/1999)
Republican-controlled chamber passes bill and sets up another showdown with the Senate. (04/27/1999)