Chris Julin Feature Archive

The lack of snow is hard on some winter sports fans, but this is a great winter for ice boats. (01/07/2002)
Jan Gadzo learned to make the pastry called potica as a boy in Slovakia. Now he makes the fussy but delicious walnut rolls for nostalgic families on the Iron Range. (12/28/2001)
The UMD women's hockey team is the best college team in the country. But UMD's talented roster has created some unusual challenges. The squad includes players from six countries, and four different Olympic teams. A game's lineup often depends on who is training for which team on a given day. (12/14/2001)
Patriotism is running high in the United States, and Frank Valentini says that's good. He hasn't seen such national spirit since the 1940s, in the days after the attack on Pearl Harbor. Valentini is from the Iron Range town of Chisholm, and he's one of eight Valentini brothers who served in the military during World War II. (10/15/2001)
There's a whole new view of Lake Superior. Now you can look out across the bottom of the big lake, and even count the fish swimming by, without getting wet. The "fishcam" went on line Friday, broadcasting to the Internet from 35 feet down. Researchers say it's the only permanently mounted underwater camera in the world sending live images back to shore. (08/24/2001)
The city of Hibbing has lots of reasons to be proud. It's the site of the world's largest open pit mine, and home town to Bob Dylan, Kevin McHale and Rudy Perpich. But not many people know the town is also the birthplace of Greyhound. The nationwide bus company started in Hibbing with two men, and one car. (08/13/2001)
There are lots of bears in Minnesota. The Department of Natural Resources says the number of black bears in the state has quadrupled during the past two decades, and they say that might be too many bears. So beginning with next month's hunting season, the DNR is allowing hunters to take two bears with each license for the first time ever. Some animals rights groups and some hunters say the state's estimate of the bear population is inflated. They disagree with the two-bear limit. (07/26/2001)
People who live in Duluth love this time of year. They think it's fun to get outside where they can look at the big lake, and watch out-of-towners huddle on street corners, shivering in their shorts and sandals (07/18/2001)
Nearly 1,000 people filled the high school auditorium in the Iron Range town of Virginia Thursday to talk about problems in the nation's steel industry. Mining companies and their workers have banded together, calling on President Bush to use some form of trade sanctions to limit the amount of foreign steel imported to the United States. Federal officials came to Minnesota to gather testimony in their investigation of the industry's troubles. (07/06/2001)
Some oldtimers doubted that girls hockey would succeed when the first girls high school teams took to the ice six years ago. Across Minnesota, thousands of girls traded in their figure skates for hockey skates. They went to hockey camps and goalie schools. This year, 120 Minnesota high schools have girls hockey teams. Today, two-thirds of the girls playing high school hockey in the entire country live in Minnesota. (02/05/2001)
Gov. Jesse Ventura is traveling around the state, trying to sell Minnesotans on his proposed budget. Some of the loudest criticism of the budget plan is coming from university and college administrators who say the governor's proposal will make them lose good profressors, and raise tuition. Ventura made the first stop on his statewide budget tour at the University of Minnesota in Duluth. (01/25/2001)
Rejected by Minnesota law in an attempt to get student surveys of professors released to the public, students at the University of Minnesota-Duluth took matters into their own hands: they'll conduct their own surveys, and everybody gets a peek at the results. (12/19/2000)
If you can't name the two countries involved in <i>The XYZ Affair,</i> you might not be ready for Knowledge Bowl. Throughout the school year, hundreds of kids across Minnesota, and thousands more across the country, put their learning on the line at Knowledge Bowl meets. Kids from seventh grade to 12th grade compete, facing questions that range from history and geography to math and poetry. (10/25/2000)
The summer tourist season is over, but thousands of visitors are streaming through Duluth. They won't stay in motels or spend any money, though, because they're birds. Each fall thousands of hawks and eagles pass through the Duluth sky on their way south. And the passing birds draw a good number of humans to a place called Hawk Ridge. (09/22/2000)