Chris Julin Feature Archive

The news is full of stories about same-sex marriage this week. But gay men and lesbians don't speak with one voice on the subject. Some of them don't want to get married. And even those who do have different ideas about what marriage is. MPR's Chris Julin got together with three couples recently to talk about marriage. (05/18/2004)
That little goldfish in the aquarium can be hazardous -- if you set it free. Workers in Duluth have temporarily sucked all the water out of a pond to kill all the pet fish people had released there. This is the first step in a national campaign to get people to quit releasing fish and plants from their aquariums and backyard ponds. (05/13/2004)
Minnesota is home to more anglers and more fishing opportunities than just about any other place in the country. The Department of Natural Resources estimates 15,000 miles of cold and warm water streams and 5,493 fishable lakes are available to anglers. Minnesota also leads the nation in per capita sales of fishing licenses. Which means, we should have plenty of good fish stories. To mark the opening of the general fishing opener on May 15, we collected some good fish stories to share. (05/09/2004)
Most public radio stories are told in the voice of a reporter. Once in a while it's better to let someone else tell the story. Paul Ojanen didn't set out to be on the radio, but he was willing when he got the chance. (04/21/2004)
We used to call them bums. You pass them on your way to work. They're leaning against a building in ragged clothes. They're drunk. In every city, there's a neighborhood where the street alcoholics hang out. Most of us catch only brief glimpses of them from the car, or the bus. Sometimes we think about them, and wonder how they got in that place. But you can't just walk up and start asking questions. You need a guide. Someone like Paul Ojanen He's going to take us on a tour of First St. in downtown Duluth. He calls it Alcoholic Central. (04/21/2004)
Paul Ojanen first contacted Minnesota Public Radio several weeks ago to respond to a story about methamphetamine use and its impact. Ojanen wanted to share his thoughts about the devastation that alcohol abuse causes, but seems to be ignored. Ojanen and MPR reporter Chris Julin decided to take a tour of "Alcoholic Central" in Duluth. Here, they each describe how the project came together. (04/21/2004)
Everyone's talking about marriage these days. The debate rages from pulpits to the Legislature. Most of the discussion centers on who can get married -- whether gays and lesbians should have that right. We wanted to back up a step and ask, What <b>is</b> marriage? We put that question to some married couples. (04/06/2004)
Harbor City International School doesn't have a football team, but it does have a dance line. And a curling club. But one of the the hottest after school activities right now is the boomerang club. (03/08/2004)
There's a lot of debate about human embryos these days. The University of Minnesota says it will expand its stem cell research to include donated human embryos. But not many people are willing to donate embryos. (02/26/2004)
Record cold weather the past few days is bringing out the hardiness in some Minnesotans -- the ones who actually like spending time outside in the winter. (01/30/2004)
It's January, so people around the world are taking a wee dram and toasting the memory of Robert Burns. He's Scotland's most famous poet. Sunday was the 245th anniversary of his birth. This week is the time for &quot;Burns Suppers.&quot; People gather for a meal of haggis, and other Scottish food, and read Robert Burns poems. Up near Cloquet, eight folks got together at the farm of Daina and Joel Rosen. (01/26/2004)
All kinds of programs try to help kids untangle themselves from drugs and crime. Some kids end up in boot camp. Some of them go to treatment programs. And some of them do ballet. (12/29/2003)
Thousands of school children in Minnesota began their winter holiday vacations Friday. For many kids, it's a bright, happy time of year. But not for all. MPR's Chris Julin used to teach at an elementary school, and this time of year brings back memories. (12/19/2003)
Bob Greenberg and his sons all play horns. They play as a quartet around Duluth and Superior. They like classical music, and jazz, and they're working up some klezmer tunes. At home, they celebrate Hanukkah. But this time of year, they play Christmas music, and they play it for the Salvation Army. (12/10/2003)
Thursday is Turkey Day, a day for feasting on fowl. But what about people who don't eat turkey? (11/27/2003)