Art Hughes Feature Archive

The second major winter storm in a week shut down roads, schools, businesses all across Minnesota Friday. A blizzard warning remains in effect this hour for parts of southern Minnesota, mainly because of blowing snow. (03/02/2007)
Supporters of in-state tuition for children of illegal immigrants packed a two-hour hearing of higher education committees from both legislative houses. (03/01/2007)
University of Minnesota officials say discrepancies found in promising stem cell research appear to be mistakes, and not deliberate fabrications. A journal determined U of M stem cell researcher Catherine Verfaillie doubled up some data. (02/23/2007)
Minnesota lawmakers might insert themselves into a dispute over a tuition reciprocity agreement that has some Wisconsin students paying less to attend Minnesota universities than their home-state classmates. (02/21/2007)
State higher education officials hope a new report is the basis for future accountability at U of M and MnSCU. (02/20/2007)
Keith Moyer, the publisher of the Star Tribune, said Friday he will step down in March when ownership of the state's largest newspaper changes from The McClatchy Co. to Avista Capital Partners. He said he is leaving voluntarily. (02/16/2007)
Dunwoody College of Technology builds link to young, inner city students in an attempt to increase representation by students of color. (01/31/2007)
Pawlenty proposes more than $440 million in new spending for state-supported institutions; that's more than a 16 percent hike above current levels. But officials at the University of Minnesota and the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities System say the increase fails to meet basic inflationary costs. (01/22/2007)
Chemicals manufactured by 3M have been found in the public wells of six more east St. Paul suburbs. (01/19/2007)
Minnesota's new football coach says his immediate goal is to win the Big Ten. In his first appearance, he touted his reputation as a great recruiter (01/17/2007)
The University of Minnesota has hired Denver Broncos tight ends coach Tim Brewster to be its new head football coach. (01/16/2007)
The defense department intends to increase new recruitment goals by 92,000 troops a year as part of President Bush's plan to boost troop strength in Iraq. (01/12/2007)
The University of Minnesota is entering an arena where the stakes are high, and getting higher, as officials aim to replace two key coaches. (01/07/2007)
The University of Minnesota Board of Regents has signed off on basic design details for a new on-campus football stadium. The action also hikes the original price of the stadium by $40 million. (01/03/2007)
The state's higher education institutions dare to envision a legislative session that could help stem increases in tuition. (12/27/2006)