Art Hughes Feature Archive

A new study predicts the number of Minnesota high school students heading to college reaches a peak this year and next, then steadily falls off. (03/30/2008)
Police say they arrested two dozen people at an anti-war rally on the University of Minnesota campus today. (03/27/2008)
After closing of the main Mississippi River closings in St. Cloud, state transportation officials are working through their options to fix or replace the DeSoto bridge. (03/21/2008)
Educational endowments in Minnesota have been growing at a healthy rate at the same time tuition prices have been growing. (03/18/2008)
The Minneapolis-based online university will need to repay the student loan money after a federal audit revealed an accounting discrepancy. (03/13/2008)
The students receiving the scholarships come from a small network of upper-grade high schools around the world called Global World Colleges. (03/07/2008)
In recent years, students have turned to private lenders to cover escalating costs. (03/05/2008)
The discovery has potential to better identify cancer risk and treatment in humans. (02/29/2008)
The family of Amanda Jax has filed a wrongful death lawsuit four months after Jax died from excessive drinking at a Mankato bar on her 21st birthday. (02/28/2008)
A citywide meeting in Mankato Wednesday aims to combat problem drinking, especially for college age students and other young people. The summit on high-risk drinking comes four months after a young Mankato woman died after drinking excessively on her 21st birthday. (02/27/2008)
A Mankato bar linked to the drinking death of a woman on her 21st birthday is closing. Eviction efforts by the landlord and liquor license revocation by the city are shuttering Sidelines Bar and Grill. (02/25/2008)
The University of Minnesota launched a web site today designed to inform students and staff about campus emergency procedures. (02/25/2008)
The campus shooting in Illinois is a reminder of the importance of college security planning. (02/15/2008)
A new Bell Museum, building renovations at Minnesota State University Mankato, and a long list of college campus repairs await word of state bonding money. (02/13/2008)
High school seniors are looking over college acceptance letters trying to find the best fit for next fall. For two Minnneapolis students, the personal touch made an impression. (02/08/2008)