Art Hughes Feature Archive

Tuition at the U of M would go up 9.5 percent under one of three scenarios released today in President Robert Bruininks budget proposal. (05/02/2008)
Money and proximity to home are high on the list of factors for seniors making plans for college. (05/01/2008)
The 18-year-old student told police that two men confronted her in a stairwell and forced her into a restroom early Sunday, where one of them assaulted her. (04/28/2008)
Legislators are considering changing the data practices law to allow tracking of students from elementary school through college. (04/27/2008)
The University of Minnesota and Georgia Tech are looking into allegations against two prominent health care policy professors that they inappropriately drew two salaries at two different schools. (04/24/2008)
Hamline University announced today it is launching a new school of business. The St. Paul liberal arts institution will pull together existing programs in management and public administration and add new areas of instruction beginning this fall. (04/23/2008)
Two Minnesota colleges, Gustavus Adolphus and Carleton COllege, each received major grants to help students navigate complex scientific research. (04/22/2008)
Banking giant Citibank says it will no longer offer student loans at two-year colleges, because they are no longer profitable. (04/17/2008)
Nobel Peace Prize laureate Archibishop Desmond Tutu is in the Twin Cities for a series of events centered around promoting peace among young people. He spoke to a capacity crowd in Minneapolis this morning, saying young people bring about important changes that improve society. (04/11/2008)
Every high school should be a college prep school. That's one of the goals expressed Thursday by members of the University of Minnesota's College Readiness center. (04/11/2008)
Financial aid planners warn the current economic downturn is a lesson for those preparing to take out student loans. (04/09/2008)
The University of Minnesota hoped to secure $24 million in state money for a new Bell Museum building, but Gov. Tim Pawlenty vetoed the item Monday from the bonding bill. (04/08/2008)
The National Assessment of Educational Progress shows that Minnesota students improved by 8 points since 1998 when the last test was given. Minnesota Eighth graders are above the national average in writing. (04/04/2008)
The credit crunch has claimed another Minnesota student loan lender. (04/03/2008)
Minneapolis school officials dispute a report released on Tuesday putting the district among the worst performers in the nation when it comes to graduation rates. (04/01/2008)