Art Hughes Feature Archive

The Franklin Community Library emerges from a year-and-a-half long renovation. The design reflects a desire to welcome the neighborhoood. (05/06/2005)
Some Minneapolis bars suffer as customers find they can smoke and drink elsewhere. (05/03/2005)
Catholic leaders in Minnesota warmly received word of the election of the new pope, Benedict XVI. The Holy Father is the leader of the largest religious denomination in the state. Church leaders here describe him as a witty, intelligent and religiously devoted man. (04/19/2005)
A 16-year-old gunman's assault on Red Lake High School last month took only nine minutes from the time he drove up to the school to the time he killed himself, federal authorities said Monday. They provided an update, but few new details on the investigation into a possible conspiracy in the shootings. (04/18/2005)
The city of Minneapolis is taking proposals for a privately owned and operated wireless network. (04/12/2005)
Indoor smoking bans are now in effect in parts of the Twin Cities metro area. Five different jurisdictions all restrict smoking in restaurants and bars. But enforcement of the smoking bans depends on where you are. (03/30/2005)
The shooting in Red Lake has left many Twin Cities Ojibwe grieving for family and friends from 300 miles away. Many off-reservation Red Lake band members are anxious to return for services and ceremonies. But some can't because they don't have ready access to a car or other means to make the trip. Community leaders are organizing financial support to pay for gas or even drive some people to the reservation for services. (03/24/2005)
Legislators who represent Minneapolis are calling for the restoration of state aid to cities, saying the funding cuts are one reason violent crime is on the rise in Minneapolis. (03/16/2005)
Security officers at the Hennepin County Government Center collected a few pocket knives and scissors on the first day of airport-style weapons screening at the building. The X-ray machines and metal detectors come a year and a half after a shooting that killed a woman and wounded another man outside a courtroom in the 24-story building. (03/14/2005)
Last week's brazen double homicide in north Minneapolis has prompted police to start a month early on a new crime fighting strategy. Police Chief William McManus announced Wednesday he's forming a mobile unit of officers to travel to parts of the city where violent crime is on the rise. (03/09/2005)
The two declared candidates in the race for Minneapolis mayor outlined their visions for the next four years in their first public face-off of the campaign. (02/13/2005)
Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak formally announced his re-election bid on Sunday. Four years ago he waged a grassroots battle against an established incumbent he felt was out of touch residents. Now, Rybak has a political track record that makes him the target for challengers. (01/30/2005)
Minnesotans celebrated Martin Luther King Junior's life on Monday with marches through cold, city streets and at a morning breakfast. The day was a chance for powerful civic leaders and ordinary citizens alike to reflect on King's legacy. (01/17/2005)
The developers of the former Sears building on Minneapolis' Lake Street say they've completed two of the biggest remaining construction agreements. They're commemorating the deals by opening up the project site to business leaders and elected officials. (01/12/2005)
Police said they are investigating an 85-year-old man's claim that a police officer sprayed him with a chemical irritant, hit him with a nightstick and pushed him into the back of a squad car during a traffic stop that began over expired license tabs. (01/06/2005)