Art Hughes Feature Archive

A technical college pairs with the railroad industry to provide a hard-to-find education opportunity. (02/21/2006)
A new national survey by an advocacy group lists Minnesota as one of the most expensive states in terms of child care. Child care costs are rising nationwide, becoming a family expense that's more and more difficult to meet. (02/13/2006)
The Minneapolis school board voted Friday morning to accept the resignation of embattled Superintendent Thandiwe Peebles. (01/27/2006)
The head of the U.S. Veterans Affairs Department, James Nicholson, is visiting veterans medical centers in the state. In Minneapolis, Nicholson met with patients and toured the Veterans Medical Center, where a redesigned trauma unit is set to open. (01/11/2006)
Two years of tuition free classes for Minneapolis and St. Paul public school graduates is an idea backers hope will spread statewide. (01/09/2006)
A dispute simmers at the University of Minnesota, where a respected scientist insists on teaching a class questioning the validity of evolution. Intelligent Design is one of the topics he explores. (12/27/2005)
Minnesota's latest casualty in Iraq was a man who loved the Marines, his mother said Friday. Staff Sgt. Kenneth B. Pospisil, 35, of Andover, died Wednesday when a bomb when off near Al Ramadi, the U.S. Department of Defense announced. (12/16/2005)
Minnesota Pollution Control Agency Commissioner Sheryl Corrigan has defended her agency against charges she and other MPCA officials deliberately excluded environmental groups while drafting key portions of a mercury reduction plan for the state. (12/08/2005)
State colleges and universities depend on the upcoming legislative session for basic building maintenance. (12/01/2005)
The list of capital budget requests from the U of M and MnSCU. (12/01/2005)
Two legislators are proposing a bill to guard against invasive species hitchhiking in oceangoing ships on Lake Superior. The legislation would require big international ships that travel in Lake Superior to treat ballast water before dumping it into the lake. (11/22/2005)
Education cost increases are outpacing the ability of students and their families to pay. Students are piecing together hectic schedules and postponing classes to try and prevent huge debts. (11/13/2005)
A delayed vote on a House budget plan gives hope to student groups and other critics who say the deal would increase the financial burden on those paying for college. (11/10/2005)
The survey also finds a strong correlation between smoking and heavy drinking. The survey was coordinated by researchers at the University of Minnesota, but sampled students from 17 different schools. (10/25/2005)
Striking airline mechanics have dug in their heels for a long fight as their strike against Northwest Airlines starts its second week. Many of the mechanics say they're prepared emotionally and financially for a protracted walkout. At the same time the thought of finding another job if the strike ultimately goes sour remains a nagging concern. (08/26/2005)