Jeff Horwich Feature Archive

Northwest Airlines says its plan to bring the company out of bankruptcy hinges on creating more companies. To lower labor costs, Northwest wants to move thousands of employees, from pilots to bag handlers, into new subsidiaries. Unions say the idea takes cost-cutting too far, causing devastating damage to workers. This issue -- more than any other -- could take negotiations down to the wire and even prompt a strike. (01/09/2006)
Striking Northwest Airlines mechanics will continue their walkout. Union members could have ended the four-month-old strike Friday, by approving a settlement with the airline. Instead, a majority voted to continue their stand despite little hope of regaining their jobs. (12/30/2005)
Striking union mechanics at Northwest Airlines have until nine o'clock this morning to vote on a settlement agreement with the company. A "yes" vote would end the walkout, but strikers would be laid off instead of returning to work. Even after four months on strike, union leaders say members should reject the settlement and continue their stand. (12/30/2005)
When a roadside bomb killed St. Paul Police Officer Kyle Kaszynski Thursday morning in Baghdad, Kaszynski died in the line of duty. But his duty at that moment was to a private security firm, Crucible Inc. (12/23/2005)
Most people who pass a Salvation Army bell ringer are aware of the charitable connection: Money from the red kettles supports the group's mission to house, feed, and minister to people in need. What's not so well known is how bell ringing functions as an employment program. (12/18/2005)
State officials reacted with differing levels of urgency to a report that St. Paul's Ford truck plant is among those the company plans to close. Ford Motor Company says it will announce major restructuring plans in January, but has officially remained tight-lipped about what's in those plans. The St. Paul plant has been considered vulnerable as sales of its product, the Ford Ranger pickup truck, have plunged. (12/02/2005)
Three months after it began, some observers argue the Northwest Airlines mechanics strike is effectively over. Technically, the strike continues; most members of the Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Association have not returned to work, and some travelers still refuse to cross the picket line. But since the strike began in August, Northwest has continued flying its schedule. And the company has filled all of its mechanics jobs with permanent replacements. (11/28/2005)
Friday night Governor Tim Pawlenty leads more than 200 Minnesotans on the third and largest trade mission of his administration. Trade missions are popular with politicians, and heavily covered by the news media. But are they also helpful for the state's economy? (11/10/2005)
The union is the first to offer Northwest a package of temporary cuts, in the hope Northwest will push back the airline's request to have a bankruptcy judge impose new contract terms. (11/02/2005)
Few businesses have had a harder time in recent years than the music store, because of competition from online shopping, music download sites, and CD sales at big stores like Wal-Mart. One of the nation's biggest chains, Minneapolis-based Sam Goody, hopes to change its fortunes by encouraging people to just...hang out. (10/26/2005)
In trying to inspire its crop of budding entrepreneurs, the University of St. Thomas brought in the biggest success story they could find. Microsoft founder and chairman Bill Gates visited St. Thomas's Minneapolis campus Thursday afternoon to dedicate the home of its new Schulze School of Entrepreneurship. (10/21/2005)
Seven months after Northwest first called for more time to pay off its pension debts, a bill that would ease the pension burden is stalled near the finish line. (10/19/2005)
As Eagan-based Northwest Airlines slims down and reorganizes in bankruptcy, many employees are uncertain whether they'll remain when the airline emerges. The same could be said for those in the corporate board room. (10/12/2005)
Northwest Airlines Corp. regional carrier Mesaba Aviation Inc. is considering filing for bankruptcy protection because of sharp reductions in its schedule, according to a regulatory filing by its parent company on Friday. (10/07/2005)
Government statistics this week showed Northwest Airlines had dismal on-time performance in August, which included the start of a mechanics strike. Privately compiled statistics for September show Northwest did improve, bit it remains the worst performer among major airlines. (10/05/2005)