Jeff Horwich Feature Archive

For four days the pundits and the politicians have owned the airwaves during the Democratic National Convention in Denver. Minnesota Public Radio decided it was time for the rest of the Democrats to have their say. (08/28/2008)
Munya Munochiveyi, who is finishing up his Ph.D. in history at the University of Minnesota, is a member of the Movement for Democratic Change. (04/25/2008)
Northwest has not always been a flyers' favorite. But it is a fixture in the travel memories of millions of Americans -- especially those of us here in the Midwest. If the deal with Delta goes through, Northwest will lose its name and its Twin Cities headquarters. Minnesota Public Radio's "In The Loop" asked listeners to write their own "eulogies" to the carrier we've come to know so intimately. Terri Bly, of Mendota Heights, took up the call. (04/15/2008)
As this year's election unfolds, the media is tracking many different voter groups. One group that has not recieved as much attention is the 60,000 American Indians who live in Minnesota. "In the Loop" invited a group of American Indians to discuss the upcoming election. (04/14/2008)
Every year Children's Defense Fund Minnesota gives its "Beat The Odds" scholarship to high school seniors who have overcome exceptional challenges. Fadumo Hassan, Justin Haynes McKizzie, and Maipacher joined "In The Loop" host Jeff Horwich for a conversation about growing up through the most difficult of circumstances. (03/27/2008)
In the Loop provides a helpful guide to attending the caucuses on Super Tuesday. (02/04/2008)
"In The Loop" and host Jeff Horwich gathered an audience in the UBS Forum this week to explore what's resonating with younger voters as Super Tuesday approaches. Why is Barack Obama experiencing such appeal with voters under 30? Is there a generational effect on the Republican side? (01/31/2008)
During these last few weeks of the year, news organizations will release their list of the top stories of 2007, but what about the stories the media missed? (12/15/2007)
In less than 10 seconds, Wednesday's I-35W bridge collapse changed our confidence in the man-made world beneath our feet. A structure millions of Minnesota drivers took for granted gave out. No number of miraculous survival stories make up for the loss of life and the fear instilled by the catastrophe. (08/04/2007)
Late Wednesday night emergency response officials switched their approach to the bridge collapse from rescuing survivors to recovering the dead. But Thursday's experience suggests the recovery will be extremely slow. (08/02/2007)
Go down to Dorothy Day Center operated by Catholic Charities of St. Paul and ask what it is like living there. The answer? "Put yourself out here for one night, you'll see what it's all about. You gotta be here to see it." So MPR's Jeff Horwich took the advice, and lined up with the others. (06/29/2007)
Daniel Ellsberg is one of the most famous and influential whistleblowers in modern American history. In 1971, the former Marine, Defense Department, and State Department analyst leaked the "Pentagon Papers" to the press. They revealed deep government reservations about the conflict in Vietnam. In The Loop host Jeff Horwich recently spoke with the 76-year-old activist. (04/19/2007)
In the U.S., the world's largest producer of greenhouse gases, one third of us say we think global warming is a serious concern; just about half of us say we personally worry about it to some extent. Maybe the real challenge to get Americans acting green runs as deep as our culture. (02/16/2007)
How do friends and family stay in touch in a modern fast-paced world? Listen to a collection of perspectives. (01/19/2007)