John Enger Feature Archive

Prosecutors say social media evidence was not sufficient to charge those who served alcohol to Sandra Lommen, an underage college student who later froze to death. (03/11/2015)
Fire destroyed two of the four eateries that gave northern Minnesota's "Restaurant Capital of the World" its slogan. (03/09/2015)
The Garfield Lake Ice Racers gather every Sunday and challenge each other on an ice track. (02/25/2015)
With little snow to saturate the landscape come spring, Minnesota could be looking at another bad fire year. (02/10/2015)
DNR officials will assess the effect of operations by North Dakota-based R.D. Offutt, the nation's largest potato grower, on forest groundwater in northern Minnesota. (02/05/2015)
The man was awake and speaking when an ambulance arrived to bring him to the hospital. His condition has not been reported since. (01/27/2015)
The alleged abuse began in 2009, when the youngest victim was 9 years old. (01/21/2015)
Pipeline company Enbridge hopes research can head off a possible obstacle to the construction of the Sandpiper pipeline. (01/19/2015)
After 40 years, Bemidji's American Legion post is closing its bar. When post membership falls, Legion bars are the first to go. (12/31/2014)
A Bemidji-area couple want a house with fixed walls, someday. For now, they enjoy a life of hands-on problem solving in a sort-of tent. (12/29/2014)
Hazards are high and the pay is low, but for a bike enthusiast it's the perfect gig. (12/18/2014)
A coating of freezing rain and snow has much of Minnesota looking more like winter. But the state's cold weather recreation business needs more than a wintry covering. (12/16/2014)
Sandra Lommen, of Bloomington, was found early Wednesday suffering from hypothermia hours after leaving a party. She later died at Sanford Medical Center. (12/11/2014)
As of Thursday night, hunters harvested 35 wolves in northeast Minnesota -- hitting the DNR target harvest for that area in just six days. (12/05/2014)
The Temple is one of only a few buildings left in Minnesota built specifically for Masons, by Masons. It features architectural elements for the group's ceremonies. (12/04/2014)