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Michael Tang
In a small, yellow room at the back of a Schmitt Music store in a strip mall, Michael Tang sat down at a grand piano. (04/04/2014)
Clayton Tillotson has been imagining auditions - the rooms they're in, the pieces he'll play, the people who'll be watching. (02/13/2014)
Studying music
Emma Nelson talks with musicians who earned their degrees and then saw their lives take non-musical turns. (01/27/2014)
Like freelancers in any field, freelance musicians worry about where their next paycheck will come from, and when. (01/21/2014)
Every year, thousands of immigrants enroll in Minnesota public schools, but the challenges aren't equal for all of them. For those who enter the system in high school with little or no English language and writing skills, the pressure is on almost immediately. (01/12/2014)
According to a Wall Street Journal report based on 2010 U.S. Census data, the unemployment rate for music majors hovers around 5 percent — better than the majority of arts-based majors, and only tenths of a percent worse than electrical engineering. (12/05/2013)
Statewide, about 27,000 were enrolled in adult English language programs last year. Critics of a policy that requires learners to progress a level every 30 months say it leaves participants with no place to go to get the English skills they need. Every year, as many as a half-dozen students at the Ronald M. Hubbs Center in St. Paul are asked to leave the program. (11/28/2013)