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Sibelius Monument
In recognition of National Poetry Month, this week's Morning Glories explore the symphonic poem. We'll hear five depictions of stories drawn from the realm of rhyme. (04/13/2015)
music and learning
We're celebrating education this month at Classical Minnesota Public Radio, and throughout September have been playing music for and about learning. We're also working off-air to inspire the next generation of listeners, offering a series of videos and teaching tools to educators across the state. This week, we'll check out the music used in five of the videos. (09/22/2014)
fred child mozart doll
A is for August and for Amadeus. During this first full week of August, we'll hear some of Mozart's masterworks. (08/04/2014)
Five of the most visible leaders in the classical world today are the focus of this week's Morning Glories. We'll hear five enormous pieces to celebrate the colossal talent and potential of these titans. (07/28/2014)
This week's Morning Glories are five pieces from around the globe that capture the raucous spirit of soccer, to celebrate the final days of the FIFA World Cup competition in Brazil. (07/07/2014)
As the Greater Twin Cities Youth Symphony is on its 10-day tour through Andalusia, this week's Morning Glories celebrate the sounds of Spain. (06/16/2014)
Eric Whitacre is coming to Minnesota this week to conduct the Minnesota Orchestra and Minnesota Chorale in some of his most famous works. In the run-up to Friday's live broadcast, we'll check out five compositions by Whitacre in this week's Morning Glories (04/07/2014)
This week, we celebrate Minnesota's rich musical landscape with a recent performance recorded regionally each weekday at 10 a.m. (03/10/2014)
This week's Morning Glories celebrate new holiday releases. These medleys of carols celebrate the holidays and capture the feeling of the festive season. (12/16/2013)
The snowflakes are flying, the cold air's here to stay. Let's embrace the winter and revel in some new recordings of familiar and unfamiliar works. (12/02/2013)
It's that time of year — feast time! If the thought of preparing huge meals sends shivers down your spine, don't worry. This week, music from three crazy meal-related ballets to reassure every cook that, hey, it could be worse. For Friday, a sweet after-dinner treat of coffee and chocolate. (11/25/2013)
Benjamin Britten was born Nov. 22, 1913. This week on Morning Glories, we'll celebrate the centennial of his birth with five works written by the influential British composer for some of his greatest muses. (11/18/2013)
As Classical Minnesota Public Radio's Class Notes Artists hit the road this week, we take a look at composers who had a major role in education. (11/11/2013)