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Horner's best-known score is for "Titanic"
James Horner, a prolific and acclaimed film composer, died when a small plane he was piloting crashed in California. (06/23/2015)
The author with the new set
'80s kid Jay Gabler takes a listen to a six-CD set featuring the music of "Back to the Future," "The Goonies," "Pee Wee's Big Adventure," and many more movies from 1985. (06/22/2015)
Christopher Lee in "The Lord of the Rings"
The British actor appeared in some of the most acclaimed - and some of the least acclaimed - fantasy films of all time. He also had an idiosyncratic music career. (06/11/2015)
Al Church stopped by The Current to chat with David Campbell and play a few songs from his new album. (06/08/2015)
Anthony Gatto's world-premiere opera based on Flannery O'Connor's 1952 novel unfolds in an immersive set created by artist Chris Larson. (06/05/2015)
In a long interview, Naxos founder Klaus Heymann discusses a wide range of subjects including his label's history, their CDs' iconic white cover design, the status of classical music today, and the "nostalgia" craze for vinyl. (05/28/2015)
"Twin Peaks" fans will be relieved to know that Angelo Badalamenti, who created the signature music for the 1990-91 series, will return for the series' forthcoming return. (05/28/2015)
With the Berlin Philharmonic saying they'll take as long as another year to choose their new chief conductor, The New Yorker's Alex Ross asks a "heretical" question: does it even matter who gets the job? (05/15/2015)
From Gabrieli to Perri, here are some tried and trusted pieces of wedding music spanning the last five hundred years. (05/08/2015)
Our staff list some of the slowest musical compositions of all time. (04/24/2015)
There's a lot of information in Philip Glass's long-awaited memoir 'Words Without Music.' Here are ten notable passages. (04/15/2015)
During Stevie Wonder's recent concert at Target Center, he asked whether any members of his Minnesota string section wanted to take a solo. Violinist Jill Olson Moser raised her bow. (04/07/2015)
The double LP will have a beautiful gatefold sleeve. (04/02/2015)
Of course, we don't know the actual personality types of most composers in the repertoire — but it's fun to speculate! Take a look at our chart and see what composer we imagine might line up with your personality type. (03/30/2015)
As we continue to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Disney's classic "Fantasia," Jay Gabler explores one of the most beautiful animated sequences ever created: the nature scene set to the music of Tchaikovsky's "Nutcracker Suite." (03/30/2015)