Liala Helal Feature Archive

Officials say the three incidents are not related. (07/07/2014)
MnDOT says it will reopen both directions of traffic spanning the St. Croix River at 4 p.m., allowing drivers to once again connect between Minnesota and Wisconsin through Minnesota Highway 36 and Wisconsin Highway 64. The bridge has been closed to pedestrian, vehicle and water traffic. (07/02/2014)
Emergency responders came to the scene and tried to throw a rope with a flotation device toward the man, without success. They saw him go under the water and had yet to find him, as of Tuesday evening. (07/02/2014)
A group of more than 50 juveniles, probably teens, spilled into Nicollet Mall from Loring Park Sunday evening causing chaos until police got them to disperse, according to Minneapolis Police Department spokesman John Elder. (06/30/2014)
The smell of propane caused officials to evacuate a University of Minnesota building where a student was injured in a science lab explosion last week. (06/25/2014)
St. Paul Public Schools approved plans to put an iPad in the hands of all students. The school board voted Tuesday night in favor of the technology move. (06/25/2014)
The Minnesota Department of Health says people should avoid contact with flood water and take precautions even though skin contact usually isn't harmful. (06/24/2014)
Sump pumps that drain into the wastewater sewer instead of the storm water sewer overwhelm the sanitary sewer system and sewage treatment plants. (06/24/2014)
The medical examiner on Sunday determined the woman died as a result of multiple blunt force injuries. The office identified the woman as 41-year-old Karen Lynn Fraser of Minneapolis. (06/23/2014)
As Minnesotans waded through the damage caused by a shock of heavy rains, Gov. Mark Dayton on Friday opened the door to a special Legislative session to aid the state's flood torn areas. (06/20/2014)
Kayaker Hunt Jennings, who took on the raging waters of Minnehaha Falls Thursday, the same day the water level reached a record high, broke no laws and will not be cited, according to Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board spokeswoman Robin Smothers. (06/20/2014)
Excessive rain water caused sewage system overflows and backups Thursday --- spilling some sewage into Lake Minnetonka bays, the Mississippi River, Medicine Lake and Bassett Creek in Plymouth, according to the Metropolitan Council. (06/20/2014)
Minnesotans across the state woke up to thunder and torrential rain Thursday that triggered flash flooding and dangerous driving conditions in some places. (06/19/2014)
Heavy rains across southern Minnesota shut down more than a dozen streets overnight in Mankato. While most were reopened by Wednesday morning, some roads still have deep-standing water, officials warned. Above, Dale VanThuyne clears mud off of a pathway at Glenwood Cemetery after rains caused a mudslide. (06/18/2014)
"Most of these power outages are wind-related," said Xcel Energy spokeswoman Patti Nystuen. "When the ground is this saturated, it loosens trees and they may pull out of the ground. So we had limbs coming down. That was our biggest problem, limbs falling on the (power) lines." (06/17/2014)