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Liala Helal is an MPR News reporter. A Twin Cities native, she has worked as a reporter for the Star Tribune, Patch and The Journal in International Falls.

Liala Helal Feature Archive

The Hennepin County Medical Examiner has not released the identity of the victim or details on cause of death. (07/25/2014)
Police found the man at North 26th Avenue and Penn Avenue North. (07/25/2014)
Michelle Larson was most recently the deputy director of the MDH Office of Statewide Health Improvement. She also previously worked for the MDH Office of Emergency Preparedness. (07/23/2014)
Storms and high winds in northern and central Minnesota Monday night downed trees and left thousands without power. (07/22/2014)
The map includes MnDOT's complete road network and most of its trails. But bicyclists can edit the map to add more routes as the bicycle network expands. (07/21/2014)
Most of those arrested have been charged with selling drugs --- all felony offenses. They range from low-level felony of fifth-degree sale, up to first-degree sale. (07/18/2014)
Kluwe alleged in a Deadspin article in January that he was released by the Vikings for being an outspoken advocate for gay rights, and that his special teams coach had openly made homophobic comments and slurs intended to intimidate Kluwe. (07/15/2014)
This is the second year the children are holding the event. Last year the trio's goal was $30 and they raised nearly $2,000 by the end. (07/15/2014)
Creeping Charlie, also called Ground Ivy, thrives in shade and high-moisture environments. The recent heavy rainfall has not helped in that scenario to lessen moisture from soil. (07/14/2014)
Falkner said you don't have to stand anywhere special to see a Supermoon. "The moon will just look big," he explained. (07/11/2014)
Officials say the three incidents are not related. (07/07/2014)
MnDOT says it will reopen both directions of traffic spanning the St. Croix River at 4 p.m., allowing drivers to once again connect between Minnesota and Wisconsin through Minnesota Highway 36 and Wisconsin Highway 64. The bridge has been closed to pedestrian, vehicle and water traffic. (07/02/2014)
Emergency responders came to the scene and tried to throw a rope with a flotation device toward the man, without success. They saw him go under the water and had yet to find him, as of Tuesday evening. (07/02/2014)
A group of more than 50 juveniles, probably teens, spilled into Nicollet Mall from Loring Park Sunday evening causing chaos until police got them to disperse, according to Minneapolis Police Department spokesman John Elder. (06/30/2014)
The smell of propane caused officials to evacuate a University of Minnesota building where a student was injured in a science lab explosion last week. (06/25/2014)