Scott Olstad Feature Archive

From opening act at First Avenue a year ago to headlining back-to-back shows this week, The Head and the Heart have had a big year. They stopped by The Current studio to debut a new song. (09/27/2012)
We're no stranger to rock star visitors here at The Current, but the excitement around the office was palpable the day Molly Ringwald stopped by for Theft of the Dial. (09/27/2012)
There ain't no party like a Bloc Party because a Bloc Party melds the stuttering guitar work of post punk with the strident dance beats of the new century. (09/23/2012)
"How Do You Like Me Now?" is the title of The Heavy's smash-hit single that has been featured in movies, television shows and commercials since 2009. And the world's answer to their question is increasingly: "A whole lot!" (09/19/2012)
The Cult of Kluwe continues to grow because Chris has endeared himself to football fans across the country by unapologetically embracing his nerdiness. (09/07/2012)
Many of you saw them open the magical evening that was Minnesota Music On-A-Stick, but for any unlucky fans who may have missed their Grandstand-worthy performance, the band decided to stop by the MPR booth again and play ANOTHER set of music for State Fair fans. (09/03/2012)
Koo Koo crashed the MPR booth to kick it with Jill Riley and Steve Seel and bring the boogie to the onlooking crowd. (09/01/2012)
Brother Ali visited the MPR booth to chat with Mary Lucia and perform for the crowd. (08/29/2012)
Rockabilly artist JD McPherson stopped by the MPR booth to talk with Mary Lucia and play some tunes for the crowd. (08/28/2012)
Indie hip-hop collective Doomtree are among the most influential forces in the Twin Cities hip-hop community. Founding member, P.O.S., dropped by the MPR booth to kick it with Mary Lucia and perform for the crowd. (08/27/2012)
After Caroline Smith's performance at the MPR booth last year, there's little doubt that State Fair onlookers are in for a treat once again 2012. (08/25/2012)
Local singer-songwriter Chastity Brown's blending of folk, soul, roots and rock music has created a unique and new sound for the Twin Cities. (08/24/2012)
American folk rockers Dawes have been touring steadily since the release of their 2011 sophomore album, "Nothing is Wrong." The group visited the MPR booth to chat with Mary Lucia and play a few songs. (08/23/2012)
The Beer Dabbler is giving the Twin Cities a new reason to growl. (08/15/2012)
My Morning Jacket knows how to rock an outdoor concert ... but do they have what it takes to rock the radio as well? We decided to find out. (08/10/2012)