Jon Schober Feature Archive

Cut Copy - We Are Explorers, from the new album "Free Your Mind." (12/10/2013)
Painted Palms - Spinning Signs, from the new album "Forever." (12/09/2013)
Darkside makes dance music. That's their motto, even if their string of usually sub-100bpm tracks might make for a more intimate affair, rather than club bangers. But the duo of Nicolas Jaar and Dave Harrington have a high-profile history of reimagining the way dance music sounds, and we imagine that the genre in 2014 will follow suit with the band's ideas. (12/09/2013)
Caroline Smith has had a monumental year. She's been a Twin Cities mainstay for the past few years ever since beginning a routine solo gig at the 400 Bar. Many Minnesota musicians got their start at that venue before it shut the doors, and Caroline met her band through connections she made at those performances. (12/08/2013)
Red Mountain - Put Me Through, from the new album "Scowl Lightly." (12/06/2013)
Tennis - Mean Streets, from the new EP "Small Sound." (12/05/2013)
Blood Orange - You're Not Good Enough, from the new album "Cupid Deluxe." (12/04/2013)
Diego Garcia - Start With The End, from the new album "Paradise." (12/03/2013)
Couple Brian Oblivion and Madeline Follin were discovered by Columbia Records after posting a series of demos of their band Cults to Bandcamp. The ensuing hype machine created one of the more successful debut records of 2011. The two have since broken up, and as with all good musical relationships that come to an end, the ensuing creative energy has spawned a darker collection of pop songs for their sophomore album "Static." (12/02/2013)
Jon Schober picks his favorite music for 2013. (12/02/2013)
Los Campesinos! - Avocado, Baby, from the new album "No Blues." (12/02/2013)
Sebadoh - I Will, from the new album "Defend Yourself." (11/27/2013)
Sallie Ford and The Sound Outside - Lips N Hips, from the new "Summer EP." (11/26/2013)
AgesandAges - Divisionary (Do The Right Thing), from the new album "Divisionary." (11/25/2013)
Dosh is always busy. Inbetween constant touring with Andrew Bird, his work with The Cloak Ox and his solo recordings, the prolific drummer also managed to contribute a cover to this year's installment of the "Minnesota Beatle Project." (11/24/2013)