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Sombear may be a relatively new act in the music community here in Minnesota, but we can guarantee that a lot of you probably know the man behind the project. Brad Hale -- drummer for Now, Now -- is stepping into the spotlight to release a debut that's been stewing in his head for years. (08/04/2013)
One of most impressive local bands to spring into the spotlight this year has been Fury Things, a power trio taking a cue from some of the best alt-rock bands that came to fruition in the '90s like Dinosaur Jr. and Superchunk. (08/04/2013)
Sombear - Incredibly Still, from the new album "Love You In The Dark." (08/02/2013)
Nilsson - One (Alternate Take), from the new "RCA Albums Collection." (08/01/2013)
Weekend - It's Alright, from the new album "Jinx." (07/31/2013)
Owen - Bad Blood, from the new album "L'Ami du Peuple." (07/30/2013)
Elastic Bond - Find A Way, from the new album "Real." (07/29/2013)
Leading up to the release of Savages' debut "Silence Yourself," the London quartet posted a simple philosophy online: their intention was to "create a sound -- indestructible -- musically solid, written for the stage and designed with enough nuances to provide a wide range of emotions." (07/29/2013)
This week on New Hot, we're taking a look at three of the most under-the-radar, acclaimed albums of 2013 spanning garage rock, alternative hip-hop and shoegazey metal. (07/29/2013)
Long regarded as favorites for The Current's Local Show, The Goondas came back to our studios in support of their sophomore album "Dog Show." (07/29/2013)
The Brian Just Band is back in The Current studios in support of their new album "Enlightenment." And in true BJB fashion, the whole crew has come along for one of the most orchestrated Local Show sessions since last year's John Mark Nelson in-studio. (07/28/2013)
Speed's The Name - Circles, from the new album "No Planets Exist." (07/26/2013)
Speedy Ortiz - Tiger Tank, from the new album "Major Arcana." (07/25/2013)
David Lynch - Star Dream Girl, from the new album "The Big Dream." (07/24/2013)
Cheyenne Mize - Whole Heart, from the new album "Among The Grey." (07/23/2013)