Jon Collins Feature Archive

David Winters died of a self-inflicted gunshot and was dead when officers entered the Jordan, Minn., home where he was hiding, Hennepin County Sheriff Rich Stanek said Wednesday. (02/04/2015)
The Fairview Board of Directors announced Tuesday that Rulon Stacey's final work day at the Minneapolis-based company will be March 1. (02/04/2015)
Authorities are still searching for two people who went missing this weekend during an ice fishing trip at Lake Benton in southwest Minnesota. (02/04/2015)
As some law enforcement agencies across the state start to outfit officers with body cameras, a debate has arisen about how much of the footage should be available to the public. (02/04/2015)
Hennepin County authorities are searching for a suspect connected to a shootout with police Tuesday. The incident triggered a manhunt that led to searches of a St. Louis Park Byerly's and an Edina neighborhood. (02/03/2015)
Chickens are getting some serious political attention in Minneapolis -- and it's more than mindless squawking. (01/30/2015)
Raymond Kmetz was prohibited by state law from possessing the shotgun used in the shooting, Hennepin County Sheriff Rich Stanek said Wednesday. Kmetz bought ammo the day of the shooting. (01/28/2015)
If the proposal is approved, construction could start as early as August and will last until the fall of 2016. (01/28/2015)
The festival's cross-country ski route typically begins at Theodore Wirth Park and ends at Minneapolis' Chain of Lakes, but this year will be contained within Wirth Park. (01/27/2015)
Bailey Garcia, 19, of Pine Springs faces a single count of second degree murder in connection with the shooting death of art teacher and bar owner David Frigaard. (01/27/2015)
The City of Lakes Loppet Ski Festival said cancellation of the cross-country ski event isn't an option. (01/26/2015)
City residents will support the program through an additional service charge of $3.40 per month -- regardless of whether they participate. (01/26/2015)
Professor Karen Conway said other Midwestern states that have eliminated taxes on Social Security benefits have not had any measurable change to senior migration. (01/26/2015)
A woman called police to report a break-in. She said the intruder was fighting her boyfriend in the kitchen. (01/22/2015)
The drought may soon be over for Laura Ingalls Wilder fans. The South Dakota State Historical Society Press expects another huge shipment of books in February. (01/21/2015)