Jon Collins Feature Archive

St. Paul Fire Marshal Steve Zaccard says the older boy saw his brother struggling in the water Monday afternoon and got in to save him, but also got into trouble. (05/26/2015)
The president's new Twitter account drew lots of attention, not all of it supportive. (05/22/2015)
Minnesota's population increased by more than 35,000 last year. Minneapolis and St. Paul alone accounted for about a quarter of the state's population growth last year. (05/21/2015)
The officers won't be charged in the death of Marcus Ryan Golden. (05/21/2015)
A new University of Minnesota analysis shows far more people are getting to work on foot or bike than census numbers show. (05/21/2015)
Over the last decade, more than 240 state and local law enforcement agencies in Minnesota have received 5,200 pieces of military equipment. (05/20/2015)
If the virus continues at its current pace through another cycle of turkey production, losses in the state could double, a University of Minnesota analyst says. (05/18/2015)
Minneapolis officials are promising a thorough investigation after protesters say police on Wednesday night sprayed a chemical irritant on a group of demonstrators, including a 10-year-old. (05/14/2015)
At least two Minnesota cities are exploring whether to ban businesses from distributing complementary lightweight plastic bags. (05/13/2015)
Prosecutors say Christopher Besser had a "strained relationship" with his father and that there was a confrontation between the two men before the shootings. (05/12/2015)
Wisconsin is ninth on the list. South Dakota and North Dakota are 38th and 39th, respectively. (05/12/2015)
Kyle John Peterson was arrested in Whitewater this morning. Eight hours later, Andre Lee Vance was arrested in Madison. Police are still searching for Jesse Jamal Fairley. (05/08/2015)
Arlene, born Feb. 22, will appear at the zoo's Gorilla Forest exhibit starting today. (05/08/2015)
Como Dockside starts Friday with limited hours before a grand opening May 31. Officials hope to match the vibe of popular restaurants that draw summertime crowds to Minneapolis parks. (05/07/2015)
Three inmates escaped from a minimum security facility in New Richmond, Wis., on Wednesday night, prompting the school district to cancel classes on Thursday. (05/07/2015)