Jon Collins Feature Archive

The report highlighted that Minnesota has kept its obesity rate below 26 percent since 2010, while states like Iowa and North Dakota have seen rates climb above 30 percent. (04/21/2015)
The state's program is set to launch July 1. Minnesota Medical Solutions and LeafLine Labs were chosen last year to manufacture medical marijuana products in pill or oil form. (04/21/2015)
This is the sixth time MPR News or its parent company, American Public Media, has won a Peabody Award. (04/20/2015)
It turns out that texting while driving isn't the only thing that distracts Minnesota drivers. (04/17/2015)
A growing number of aging Baby Boomers are struggling with prescription drug addiction. (04/16/2015)
The ruling lets a Rice County man withdraw a 2011 guilty plea made after police found cocaine he had given to his wife to hide. (04/16/2015)
About 150 workers and supporters rallied early Wednesday outside a McDonald's on Lake Street in Minneapolis. (04/15/2015)
Besides their standard tools, Hennepin County sheriff's deputies patrolling the streets of downtown Minneapolis this summer will be packing a box filled with oatmeal and other healthy foods. (04/09/2015)
A decade ago there were just five breweries in Minnesota. State officials are now projecting 111 by year's end. (04/07/2015)
Silva is one of 72 applicants for the job in a much bigger district. (04/07/2015)
The projects tally $86 million in improvements and include everything from new traffic lights to the rehabilitation of a historic bridge. (04/06/2015)
The jobs will be added this and next year at three Minnesota facilities. (04/06/2015)
Indiana's "religious freedom" law had prompted other states and cities to ban official travel. (04/03/2015)
Borrowers can become trapped in a cycle of loans to repay loans, with high interest and fees. (04/02/2015)
Police responding to reports of gunfire found the man dead on the 2200 block of 13th Avenue South shortly before 11 p.m. (04/01/2015)