Jon Collins Feature Archive

Law enforcement officials and county attorneys oppose the "Good Samaritan" provision, but advocates say it would save lives. (03/14/2014)
Officials are restricting visits to the facility and temporarily have stopped accepting new patients in an attempt to stop the outbreak. Employees are wearing surgical masks and gloves. (03/13/2014)
Hiawatha Avenue in south Minneapolis was closed this evening after a natural gas leak. Employees at ADM Milling on Hiawatha were evacuated. (03/12/2014)
The bill is sponsored by Sen. Chris Eaton of Brooklyn Center, whose daughter Ariel Eaton-Willson died of a heroin overdose in 2007, said a lot of states across the country are looking to Narcan for relief as use of opiates becomes more widespread. (03/11/2014)
The Dorothy Day Center has dropped its plan to build new facilities northeast of its present location in downtown St. Paul. (03/10/2014)
Woody Dale Branton, 62, was arrested at his home in Minneapolis and later appeared in federal district court in St. Paul. (03/07/2014)
Senser was convicted of two counts of criminal vehicular homicide in May 2012 and later sentenced to 41 months in prison. (03/07/2014)
Alan Gerlach has been snowskating since about 2001, just a few years after the invention of the snowskate, which looks like a hybrid between a skateboard and snowboard. (03/07/2014)
A plan that will be presented before the Minneapolis Planning Commission today would give the city the authority to purchase property in and around the Kmart site from voluntary private sellers. (03/06/2014)
The Anoka County Sheriff's Office identified her as Lesean Morrisa Taylor, 36, of St. Paul. (03/04/2014)
As communities across the state continue to struggle with rising rates of heroin abuse, these users, who are also younger, seem to be contracting the potentially liver-destroying disease hepatitis C at higher rates, according to state data. And health officials suspect dirty needles may be to blame. (03/04/2014)
Mall of America Vice President of Public Relations Dan Jasper said the expansion will add about 700,000 square feet to the Mall of America. (03/03/2014)
Anoka County Sheriff's deputies are investigating the death. (03/03/2014)
The man was sitting on a bench more than 35 feet away from paramedics when a Ramsey County Sheriff's deputy approached and ordered him to stop filming. He refused, and the deputy confiscated his camera. (02/27/2014)
A 12-year-old student at St. Louis Park Middle School has been hospitalized after an incident during a swimming class shortly before 9 a.m. Thursday. (02/27/2014)