Jon Collins Feature Archive

The announcement comes amid an internal investigation into whether Don Briel, director and founder of the Center for Catholic Studies, or others at the university knew that an archdiocesan board had recommended that the Rev. Michael Keating, a professor of Catholic Studies, not mentor young adults. (05/30/2014)
The Twin Cities' annual war against mosquitoes is set to shift into full gear as mosquito control crews start spraying adult mosquitoes in the northern suburbs as early as this week. (05/27/2014)
Trucks selling chef-crafted wares are as common a sight as ice cream trucks, perhaps even more so downtown. Soon another breed of trucks will sell fresh produce direct to consumers. (05/27/2014)
None of the men's names had previously been disclosed by the Twin Cities archdiocese, even though media reports had named two of them previously and one former cleric had been convicted of sexual misconduct. (05/22/2014)
Advocates said that hospital staff should be held accountable for failing to do their jobs adequately, but that broad accountability was more important than one or two staff members taking all the blame. (05/22/2014)
A former St. Paul school custodian already charged with looking under a bathroom stall at an 11-year-old boy is facing seven more sets of charges for sexually abusing and inappropriate behavior with children after new victims came forward. (05/20/2014)
A state investigation released Tuesday found that staff members at Minnesota Security Hospital failed to adequately supervise patients on the January evening that authorities say one patient assaulted and killed another in his cell. (05/20/2014)
A lawsuit filed Monday accuses the Rev. Richard Eckroth of sexually abusing boys at a cabin in northern Minnesota. Internal documents show that Eckroth took more than 350 children to the cabin without their parents, but attorney Jeff Anderson said it's not clear how many of them may have been abused. (05/19/2014)
Human bones found in a Lakeville, Minn. park by high school students on a field trip Thursday have been identified as the remains of a 50 year-old man who has been missing for two years. (05/16/2014)
Erica Mauter never imagined when she was growing up that she'd be able to get married. Polls in Minnesota as recently as a decade ago showed that a large majority opposed same-sex marriage. But as advocates publicly pushed the issue, opinions began to change. (05/16/2014)
Extremist group al-Shabaab released a video in English this week that calls for supporters to carry out a "lone-wolf mission" of terrorism or travel to Somalia to join the terrorist group. The video closes with a mock-up of an airplane boarding pass showing Minnesota as the point of origin and the slogan, "Next flight to Mogadishu the only one missing is you." (05/15/2014)
Gardeners in the Longfellow neighborhood of south Minneapolis are planting a community garden where they grow only hops, the bitter plant used to brew beer. (05/13/2014)
This lawsuit, the third against the school, alleges it neglected to protect students from a teacher who sexually abused them, even after school officials were informed of inappropriate behavior and allegations of sexual misconduct. (05/13/2014)
Joseph Mark Sanislo, 19, was filmed last week jumping off the 610 West River Bridge in Brooklyn Park as part of the "Cold Water Challenge," an online campaign that originally was intended to raise money for charity. (05/12/2014)
The union has argued that any Sunday sales could cause their members to reopen contract negotiations with the distributors. (05/09/2014)