Jon Collins Feature Archive

Minnesota's ice dam removers are being greeted in Boston 'like Santa Claus.' (02/26/2015)
Pilots say they don't want to strike but that they earn well below industry standards. Negotiations began in 2010. Federal mediators have been involved since 2012. (02/25/2015)
Descriptions of suspects will still be included when they help identify a potentially dangerous suspect. (02/25/2015)
MnDOT estimates the number of state roads in poor condition will increase by 75 percent by 2025 if no changes are made. (02/24/2015)
A leading expert on al-Shabab said the video it posted encouraging attacks on the Mall of America could be a ploy to regain international attention. Minnesota's Somali community leaders condemned the call for attacks. (02/23/2015)
There is growing concern that the drug's distribution remains too limited and that not enough people know about it. (02/23/2015)
The Minnesota Department of Transportation reported partially snow-covered roads on Friday morning in all but the southwestern corner of the state. (02/20/2015)
One snowkiter says the feeling of being dragged across the ice and snow while attached to a kite is euphoric. (02/18/2015)
Haj said he believes the theater can find a balance between performing classic productions and producing new work. He takes over in July. (02/17/2015)
Developers are hoping to start construction by February 2016, although that date depends on how long the approval process takes. (02/11/2015)
The winter storm continues to pose problems on the road as snow covers slick roads across Minnesota. (02/10/2015)
Firefighters rescued a 4-foot python after a Cottage Grove home caught fire on Monday night. (02/10/2015)
A Minneapolis woman who pleaded guilty to attempted murder for running down a man with her car after a night out at a bar was sentenced Friday to 15 years in prison. (02/06/2015)
The bus aims to close gaps in the food system by tailoring the groceries it sells to the needs of specific communities -- and bringing the store to them. (02/05/2015)
David Winters died of a self-inflicted gunshot and was dead when officers entered the Jordan, Minn., home where he was hiding, Hennepin County Sheriff Rich Stanek said Wednesday. (02/04/2015)