Emily Kaiser Feature Archive

Distracted drivers killed more than 3,000 people in 2010. It's a particularly deadly problem for teens, as the family of 17-year-old Alex Brown knows tragically well. (The Daily Circuit, 10/24/2012)
At last week's presidential debate, a college student asked Barack Obama and Mitt Romney about his prospects for finding employment once he graduates. How can college students prepare for the job market? (The Daily Circuit, 10/23/2012)
Why do we worry about some things and not others? In a recent op-ed, David Ropeik notes, "while our choices about risk invariably feel right when we make them, many of these decisions end up putting us in greater peril." (The Daily Circuit, 10/22/2012)
The question, made famous by President Reagan in a 1980 debate, has reemerged as a popular talking point this election season. (The Daily Circuit, 10/21/2012)
Astronomer Jennifer Wiseman will discuss the latest discoveries in astronomy and the depth into space and time that deep images are enabling us to see. She'll also share her thoughts on how science, faith and our view of ourselves as humans intersect. (The Daily Circuit, 10/18/2012)
Salman Rushdie's memoir "Joseph Anton" details his experience in hiding and rise to literary fame. (The Daily Circuit, 10/17/2012)
Character, not test scores, is the key to children succeeding in school and in life, says Paul Tough. He argues that character can be taught and that we all have a responsibility to help develop it in students. (The Daily Circuit, 10/16/2012)
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota was criticized when it released new anti-obesity ads. A departure from its well-known "do.groove" ads and its latest "do.town" campaign, these new ads show children modeling behavior of overweight parents. (The Daily Circuit, 10/15/2012)
As concealed carry gun laws spread across the country, America has seen a sharp rise in the number of guns in civilian life. Is the increase in guns linked to crime rates in those parts of the country? (The Daily Circuit, 10/14/2012)
Our personal finance guru Ruth Hayden is back to talk money and divorce. Divorce rates are high in this country, and disagreements and strain over financial issues can put marriages in jeopardy. (The Daily Circuit, 10/11/2012)
More couples are paying to select the sex of their children when they conceive. About 80 percent of American parents are using the procedure to have girls. Is it ethical to choose the sex of a child? (The Daily Circuit, 10/01/2012)
Oceanographer David Gallo has seen the wreck of the Titanic up close and is one of the few people to have explored the ocean floor. (The Daily Circuit, 09/30/2012)
Have you been to a gathering lately where you didn't dare mention who you were voting for? Have you scrubbed your Facebook page of any political mention because the deluge was just too much? How can you hold civil, yet spirited, conversations? (The Daily Circuit, 09/27/2012)
Last week's news cycle was dominated by Mitt Romney's comments made earlier this year about the 47 percent of Americans he described as people "who are dependent on government." What makes some gaffes fatal and others not? (The Daily Circuit, 09/26/2012)
About 65 percent of Minnesota's black male students graduate from high school. That's 13 percent above the national average, according to a report released last week. Nationally, the foundation says it would take 50 years for black males to achieve the same graduation rates as white males. (The Daily Circuit, 09/25/2012)