Emily Kaiser Feature Archive

There was no shortage of new cheating scandals in academic settings in the past few months. But a new problem is beginning to surface: Many students don't even understand what constitutes cheating. (The Daily Circuit, 07/29/2012)
Mignon Fogarty is the 'Grammar Girl' - answering silly and challenging questions you've been embarrassed to ask about trickier parts of language. Her latest book tackles the words that can wreak havoc on your writing and vocabulary. (The Daily Circuit, 07/26/2012)
We hear a lot about the richest 1 percent in America these days, but a Duke University researcher says we should focus on the smartest 1 percent instead. How do they affect our GDP, and are we nurturing the next generation of the cognitive elite? (The Daily Circuit, 07/25/2012)
President Obama and Mitt Romney courted military veterans this week at the Veterans of Foreign Wars convention. What have they done for veterans, and what can we expect for veteran support? (The Daily Circuit, 07/24/2012)
U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Thomas Nides has gone from negotiating financial deals on Wall Street to negotiating geo-political deals with U.S. allies. (The Daily Circuit, 04/23/2012)
The way America has funded its roads for decades is breaking down. With such a hostile legislative environment, can there be any agreement as to the future of transportation funding in America? (The Daily Circuit, 02/21/2012)
A Minnesota five-judge panel will release the state's updated congressional and legislative district maps Tuesday afternoon. What should Minnesotans expect in the new maps? (02/21/2012)
The 29th running of the John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon in northeastern Minnesota has been canceled due to lack of snow, according to an announcement Monday from organizers. (01/16/2012)