Emily Kaiser Feature Archive

In order to compete with President Obama's turnout in 2008, the Republicans need to woo younger voters - many of whom don't fit the traditional idea of the party's values. Many young Republicans are leaning more moderate on social issues while voicing conservative economic views. (The Daily Circuit, 08/27/2012)
The middle school years are tough: It can be difficult socially and it's the crucial time to identify potential high school dropouts to try to reverse their course. What can be done to make sure the middle-school years are the best they can be? (The Daily Circuit, 08/26/2012)
Macalester geology professor Kristi Curry Rogers has been researching dinosaurs for more than a decade. She'll join us to talk about her latest research. (The Daily Circuit, 08/23/2012)
As money and manpower run low, scientists are beginning to acknowledge that not all critically endangered species can or should be saved. So how do we choose what species will live and what will die? How can those decisions be made? (The Daily Circuit, 08/20/2012)
Minnesota ranked the second most-costly state for full-time center-based infant care in the country, according to a new report from Child Care Aware of America. What accounts for the high prices? (The Daily Circuit, 08/19/2012)
A few medical schools have been leading the way to provide third-year medical students the opportunity to work with patients and get to know them beyond the procedures and health issues that land them in a clinic or hospital. (The Daily Circuit, 08/15/2012)
A new ABC poll shows that more independents favor President Obama than his challenger, Mitt Romney. Are these independent voters truly independent? What issues matter to them in this election? (The Daily Circuit, 08/14/2012)
Over 40 million American adults have an anxiety disorder, according to the National Institute on Mental Health, yet only a third of anxiety-ridden adults seek treatment. Are we living in the "age of anxiety?" (The Daily Circuit, 08/13/2012)
Choosing Wisely, a national campaign that debuted back in April, asked nine medical specialty organizations to choose five tests that doctors and patients should question because they are often unnecessary or ineffective. Are you being over tested? (The Daily Circuit, 08/08/2012)
The average American is moving away from the traditional grocery store and buying groceries elsewhere. Consumers looking for cheaper options are moving toward big-box options like Wal-Mart, while others are opting for high-end specialty stores such as Whole Foods. (The Daily Circuit, 08/07/2012)
With low test scores in math and science and a growing need for workers in science-related fields, the spotlight is back on improving science education. (The Daily Circuit, 08/06/2012)
As technology evolves, so must political polling. The classic model had people answering specific questions over the phone. In the age of social media, cell phones and instant messaging, what's the future of political polling? (The Daily Circuit, 08/05/2012)
The latest jobs report shows U.S. employers added 163,000 jobs in July. President Obama and Mitt Romney are sure to spin the numbers in their favor in upcoming speeches. How much do the jobs numbers really matter for the results of an election? (The Daily Circuit, 08/02/2012)
Money-related concerns are top sources of stress for college students, according to a recent report by Inceptia. How should students, especially freshmen, manage their money well? Are there new tools or resources for students on money management? (The Daily Circuit, 08/01/2012)
Five years ago, the I-35W bridge over the Mississippi River in Minneapolis collapsed, killing 13 people and injuring more than 100 others. After the disaster many lawmakers called for increased funding and regulation to improve our nation's infrastructure. (The Daily Circuit, 07/31/2012)