Emily Kaiser Feature Archive

Stuart Firestein, an expert in smell and taste, explains how you interpret the food you consume. (The Daily Circuit, 05/29/2013)
Brian Greene, one of the world's best-known scientists, talks about how the education system is failing to inspire students to love the field. (The Daily Circuit, 05/28/2013)
Minnesota Orchestra musicians have been locked out for five months, with few signs that it will be ending anytime soon. Orchestra President Michael Henson and principal cellist Tony Ross will join us to talk about the state of the negotiations. (The Daily Circuit, 02/14/2013)
It's getting harder to make it in America -- especially if you're starting out with less. Why has it become harder? And what steps can be taken to remedy the problem? (The Daily Circuit, 01/08/2013)
Every Thursday, MPR meteorologist Paul Huttner joins The Daily Circuit to talk about the latest research on our changing climate and the consequences that we're seeing here in Minnesota and worldwide. (The Daily Circuit, 01/02/2013)
Fiscal cliff, malarkey and GIF are just some of the words and phrases that were part of the zeitgeist in 2012. Word expert Anatoly Liberman will join us to talk about the words of the year. (The Daily Circuit, 01/02/2013)
In his book "Hallucinations," Oliver Sacks is out to remove some of the stigma attached to people who see and hear things that aren't there. (The Daily Circuit, 12/09/2012)
Writers don't have to rely on traditional publishing houses to get their work to the public anymore. As costs drop and digital opportunities grow, many writers avoid traditional steps. (The Daily Circuit, 12/05/2012)
How do you know when to expose children to difficult films, books and plays? Before taking his two teenage children to a Broadway production of "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?," New York Times critic Dwight Garner wondered whether they were ready. (The Daily Circuit, 11/28/2012)
Washington and Colorado voters signified that marijuana legalization is no longer a fringe issue. How has marijuana legalization become a more mainstream political conversation and what is the impact on the United States? (The Daily Circuit, 11/27/2012)
Laurence Steinberg, professor of psychology at Temple University, has spent his career studying adolescent brain development and his findings have led him to believe that our society needs to rethink the way we discipline teenagers. (The Daily Circuit, 11/14/2012)
Hurricane Sandy has once again brought criticism of the Federal Emergency Management Agency as some Americans believe the government organization isn't an efficient use of money. Is FEMA outdated? (The Daily Circuit, 11/12/2012)
We've all heard about the millions of children who have been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Are pharmaceutical companies now trying to tap adults to widen the market? (The Daily Circuit, 11/12/2012)
Republicans and Democrats endorse retraining for the jobless, but is it enough to help the unemployed find work? How can American businesses best find workers to fill positions requiring particular skills? (The Daily Circuit, 11/11/2012)
President Barack Obama doesn't have much time to celebrate his re-election. He must now confront the fiscal cliff - nearly $500 billion in automatic tax hikes and spending cuts set to take effect in January that could throw the nation back into recession. (The Daily Circuit, 11/07/2012)