Emily Kaiser Feature Archive

Ken Menkhaus, a professor at Davidson College, said video was "pretty unwatchable" and al-Shabab's effort to compete with ISIS for media coverage. ( 02/23/2015)
Two sleep experts joined MPR News to talk about the latest research and tips for getting a better night's rest. (MPR News Update, 02/23/2015)
The protest has led to an ongoing discussion about public versus private space when it comes to legal access for protesting. ( 02/20/2015)
As it becomes easier to connect with others to share homes, cars, chores and even leftover meals, are these services making life better? (MPR News Update, 02/19/2015)
Gov. Mark Dayton proposed giving the University roughly half of what it says is necessary for that freeze. (MPR News Update, 02/19/2015)
Black girls in the United States are suspended six times more than white girls, according to data from the U.S. Department of Education. ( 02/18/2015)
Steger turned 70 last year and said he hopes to see measurable change in his lifetime. (The Daily Circuit, 02/06/2015)
The Vassar College professor wrote a piece about the power behind his faculty ID. "We pull out our ID because we know the cops can kill us with impunity," he said. (The Daily Circuit, 02/03/2015)
We discuss this latest outbreak, and talk about what's behind the push away from vaccines. (The Daily Circuit, 01/29/2015)
"Most farmers are not as forward-leaning into the world as I am," Lucie Amundsen of Locally Laid said. (The Daily Circuit, 01/23/2015)
Columnist Michelle Singletary joined The Daily Circuit to share her tips on how to pare down personal spending with a 21-day fast. (The Daily Circuit, 01/21/2015)
Chuck Marohn thinks Minnesota towns are pulled into Ponzi schemes where new roads create strips of big-box national chains that bring instant gratification and long-term pain. (The Daily Circuit, 01/20/2015)
For young adults with close ties to their parents, the loss of one can be devastating. (The Daily Circuit, 01/15/2015)
How Frank Lloyd Wright, slavery and grave-robbing Europeans tell the story of the lake's not-so-pleasant past. (The Daily Circuit, 10/27/2014)
This will be Sagal's 11th marathon and his first in the Twin Cities. He said he's hoping to finish in under three and a half hours. (The Daily Circuit, 10/04/2013)