Emily Kaiser Feature Archive

A new report from MIT says solar is an important source of renewable energy as the consequences of climate change become more urgent. How can Minnesota leverage the potential of solar? ( 05/21/2015)
What if you want to take a road trip and learn some history along the way? Where are the best places to go in Minnesota that have historical significance? (MPR News Update, 05/11/2015)
Children from low-income backgrounds may earn more if they're from one place rather than another. ( 05/08/2015)
Two experts explain the science behind earthquakes, both natural and man-made. ( 05/07/2015)
Author Dan Buettner's new book, "The Blue Zones Solution," aims to help people improve their diet and lifestyles to live like the world's healthiest people. ( 04/27/2015)
Listen to two physicians and one bioethics expert discuss end-of-life care and how to navigate through the tough decisions. (MPR News Update, 04/24/2015)
Two riders joined us today to talk about seeing the world astride a motorcycle. ( 04/22/2015)
As we head into the height of biking season in the Twin Cites, two cycling experts discussed maintenance, tips for new riders and help planning spring trips. (MPR News Update, 04/17/2015)
As part of our ongoing series on policing issues in Minnesota, today we focused on how departments across the state handle recruiting and the challenges they face. ( 04/16/2015)
The Mayo Clinic CEO and two veteran reporters discussed the long history of the Medicare fix, and how a gridlocked Congress got to a solution. (MPR News Update, 04/15/2015)
A legislative audit found the University ignored "serious ethical issues" in its handling of a mentally ill drug trial patient a decade ago. That patient, Dan Markingson, committed suicide in 2004 while participating in the trial. (MPR News Update, 04/13/2015)
Pat Arndt, Minnesota State Parks and Trails communications and outreach manager, offers ideas and tips for your spring and summer adventures. ( 04/03/2015)
Dr. H. Gilbert Welch argues that Americans seek out tests, treatments and attention from doctors and "too many people are being tested and exposed to the harmful effects of the testing process." ( 04/01/2015)
Your children are likely to experiment with drugs or alcohol at some point. If you have to draw a hard line on marijuana or alcohol, which should you choose? ( 03/20/2015)
We gave some love to the basement barley out there with two guests who discuss what's on the horizon in Minnesota's home-brewing scene and offer tips and suggestions for rookies. ( 03/20/2015)