Emily Kaiser Feature Archive

Dr. H. Gilbert Welch argues that Americans seek out tests, treatments and attention from doctors and "too many people are being tested and exposed to the harmful effects of the testing process." ( 04/01/2015)
Your children are likely to experiment with drugs or alcohol at some point. If you have to draw a hard line on marijuana or alcohol, which should you choose? ( 03/20/2015)
We gave some love to the basement barley out there with two guests who discuss what's on the horizon in Minnesota's home-brewing scene and offer tips and suggestions for rookies. ( 03/20/2015)
We discussed the current state of work-life balance today and what can be done to improve it. ( 03/17/2015)
We invited two recent graduates and a professor to talk about the things they wish they would've known when they were students. ( 03/13/2015)
Mary Meyer, professor of horticulture at the University of Minnesota, offers gardening tips and answered listener questions. ( 03/12/2015)
It's a nice legend, but slaves probably didn't use maps sewn in quilts to safely navigate north. (MPR News Update, 03/09/2015)
As the population of men working the Bakken oil region of North Dakota skyrocketed, the sex trade boomed too. ( 03/04/2015)
Amy Lindgren joins MPR News with Kerri Miller every other month for advice about jobs and careers. ( 03/02/2015)
The Wall Street Journal's Russell Gold has been following the issue closely and spoke to MPR News to answer listener questions. ( 02/26/2015)
General Mills plans to cut the amount of sugar in its Yoplait Original yogurt by more than 25 percent. That reformulated Yoplait comes amid a growing public debate about sugar and how it affects our health. ( 02/24/2015)
Nina Teicholz, author of "The Big Fat Surprise" discussed the changes and why she thinks the guidelines are based on weak science. ( 02/24/2015)
Ken Menkhaus, a professor at Davidson College, said video was "pretty unwatchable" and al-Shabab's effort to compete with ISIS for media coverage. ( 02/23/2015)
Two sleep experts joined MPR News to talk about the latest research and tips for getting a better night's rest. (MPR News Update, 02/23/2015)
The protest has led to an ongoing discussion about public versus private space when it comes to legal access for protesting. ( 02/20/2015)