Emily Kaiser Feature Archive

Saturday is Obscura Day, celebrating the world of weird, odd and unique spots worldwide. ( 05/29/2015)
"We need programs and policies where young people are taught very early in schools about healthy sexuality," former Surgeon General Dr. Joycelyn Elders said. ( 05/29/2015)
"The billionaire class can't have it all," Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders tells MPR News as he prepares for a Minnesota campaign stop Sunday, the first here by a declared 2016 candidate. (MPR News Update, 05/29/2015)
By 2025, millennials will be 75 percent of the workforce. They want "leaders that are more humane, that have greater social skills, that are more qualitative versus quantitative," says Stephen Blair Venable of Surgo Consulting. (MPR News Update, 05/27/2015)
Minnesota often receives credit for being a more progressive state after the Civil War. But there's important nuance that shapes our state today. ( 05/26/2015)
As more states, including Minnesota, allow limited use of marijuana for medicinal purposes, scientists are expanding research efforts to understand how marijuana and the chemicals it contains interact with the body. (MPR News Update, 05/26/2015)
A new report from MIT says solar is an important source of renewable energy as the consequences of climate change become more urgent. How can Minnesota leverage the potential of solar? ( 05/21/2015)
What if you want to take a road trip and learn some history along the way? Where are the best places to go in Minnesota that have historical significance? (MPR News Update, 05/11/2015)
Children from low-income backgrounds may earn more if they're from one place rather than another. ( 05/08/2015)
Two experts explain the science behind earthquakes, both natural and man-made. ( 05/07/2015)
Author Dan Buettner's new book, "The Blue Zones Solution," aims to help people improve their diet and lifestyles to live like the world's healthiest people. ( 04/27/2015)
Listen to two physicians and one bioethics expert discuss end-of-life care and how to navigate through the tough decisions. (MPR News Update, 04/24/2015)
Two riders joined us today to talk about seeing the world astride a motorcycle. ( 04/22/2015)
As we head into the height of biking season in the Twin Cites, two cycling experts discussed maintenance, tips for new riders and help planning spring trips. (MPR News Update, 04/17/2015)
As part of our ongoing series on policing issues in Minnesota, today we focused on how departments across the state handle recruiting and the challenges they face. ( 04/16/2015)