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A small town southeast of St. Cloud reels after a police officer is shot. Minnesota's congressional delegation tackles the fiscal cliff. And those zany British television ads are back for viewing at the Walker Art Center. Those stories and more in the MPR News Update (11/30/2012)
Today on the MPR News Update, Democrats set to take control of the Minnesota Legislature are going to be seeing a long wish list of funding requests from various interest groups. The debate over what the Vikings can do regarding seat license fees for their new stadium continues. Minnesota colleges are looking at ways to improve students' readiness for the workplace. And a new movie about University Avenue shows how its gritty, quirky nature could provide some clues as to what its future might be. (11/16/2012)
How Minnesota United For All Families took on the marriage amendment - and won. Also, DFLers pick leaders in the Legislature, how demographics affected this year's elections, and why some members of our two premiere orchestras are packing their bags. (11/09/2012)
The vice president is up in Superior, Wis., today and the man who wants his job will be here Sunday. Religious rifts abounded at last night's debate over the marriage amendment. A Minnesota native may be hearing Oscar whispers. And there's sobering news about the walleye count on Lake Mille Lacs. (11/02/2012)
A normally quiet neighborhood in Minneapolis is rocked by a workplace shooting that leaves five dead and more injured. The Vikings settle on an architect to design their new, billion-dollar home. Minnesota's two premiere orchestras may be headed for a lockout. And we have photos from the passing of an era at the Cottage View Drive-In. (09/28/2012)
Today on the Update: Duluth's rush hour is slowed by unhappy logging truckers. University Avenue businesses in the Twin Cities are sprucing up to attract light rail customers. Other states offer little in the way of guidance on living with a voter ID law. And the president is promoting the idea of "economic patriotism." (09/27/2012)
Today on the MPR News Update: Well-heeled outside political organizations are starting to pour money and other resources into Minnesota. The childeren of illegal immigrants are looking for ways to prove they qualify for a program allowing them to stay in the country. The state has embarked on am effort to increase safety for pedestrians. We have photos from that bizarely refereed NFL match last night between the Packers and Seahawks. And the feds are telling Minnesota to crack down on food stamp fraud. (09/25/2012)
The Daily Circuit asks whether this is a fact-free presidential campaign. Obama leads the fundraising race. Americans seem numbed to the slowly mounting number o0f troop deaths in Afghanistan. There's new signs of life in the Boundary Waters charred by last year's wildfire. And Twin Cities school districts are putting a new emphasis on keeping kindergardeners in their seats. That and more on the MPR News Update. (09/10/2012)
Over at the State Fair, supporters and opponents of the marriage amendment are vying for attention and votes. Lawmakers are meeting in Saint Paul today for a special session to consider a $167 million package of aid to communities in Northern Minnesota hit by storms and flooding earlier this summer. And Mitt Romney raised money in a sprint through the western Minneapolis suburbs yesterday and declared that big businesses in the U.S. are "doing fine." All that and more in today's Update. (08/24/2012)
In the Update today, the Minnesota State Fair gets underway, Minnesota State Mankato deals with a scandal involving allegations of child pornography, and a legislative seat the DFL once had locked up is now up for grabs. And we look at the challenges faced by Minnesotas two premiere orchestras, and whether both can survive. (08/23/2012)