Conrad Wilson Feature Archive

Officials at the University of Minnesota Morris were thrilled to find out this week that even with natural gas prices at 10-year lows, heating the campus with biomass was a competitive alternative to burning fossil fuels. (04/06/2012)
The Leech Lake Band of Chippewa reaffirmed their legal stance over a disputed land settlement in a warning letter sent to the U.S. Department of Justice. (03/31/2012)
Traps will start going up next week to try to slow the spread of the emerald ash borer. (03/29/2012)
Tang Beiyi is no stranger to teaching an unfamiliar language. But usually she teaches English back home in Chengdu, a city of 14 million and growing in southwest China. (03/29/2012)
Cathy Wurzer talks with reporter Conrad Wilson about the latest news out of central Minnesota. (03/28/2012)
Residents of Monticello started seven years ago to push for faster Internet service, and the bruising public-private battle that ensued is still going on. Residents have fast cheap service but the city's fledgling operation is struggling and under continued pressure from private competitors. Meanwhile, some lawmakers want to ban other cities from doing the same. (03/26/2012)
Some Native American tribes in Minnesota are hoping a relatively new federal law will help reduce high reservation crime rates. (03/23/2012)
The American Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit in Federal District Court on behalf of a Minnewaska Area Schools student who was punished for negative comments she made on Facebook. (03/06/2012)
Facing economic uncertainty, entrepreneurs turn to start-up creation for opportunity creation. (03/05/2012)
On Thursday, a House committee in Washington discussed a bill that would resolve a more than 120-year-old land dispute between Minnesota's Chippewa Tribe and the federal government. (03/01/2012)
It's taken 123 years, but the federal government is the closest it's ever been to compensating Minnesota's Chippewa bands for tribal land that the U.S. government sold unfairly. (03/01/2012)
The Foley City Council voted Tuesday to once again start up its police department, ending months of uncertainty. (02/22/2012)
Data and projection models from the DNR show that if the current rate continues, the state's walleye limit could be reached too early in the season. (02/17/2012)
Every Wednesday MPR's Cathy Wurzer talks with one of our reporters in greater Minnesota to learn about some of the news they're tracking. Today Conrad Wilson joined her from Collegeville. He's been following a story in Foley, Minn. where the city is still without a police force to patrol its streets. (02/15/2012)
Minn. Sen. Al Franken introduced legislation Tuesday to improve safety in smaller courthouses throughout the country. (02/07/2012)