Conrad Wilson Feature Archive

State Rep. Kurt Bills won the Minnesota Republican Party's endorsement for U.S. Senate after two ballots at the party convention Friday. He will face incumbent Democrat Amy Klobuchar in the November election. (05/18/2012)
Government support has long served as a safety net for farmers. But Congress could end the program in the farm bill that pays farmers that money whether crop prices are high or low. (05/18/2012)
Get ready for this weekend's walleye opener, when thousands of anglers take to the lakes. Lake Mille Lacs, the state's most popular walleye lake, is in the last year of a five-year plan that outlines how the state and Indian bands will manage the fish harvest. (05/11/2012)
A Stearns County Sheriff's deputy pleaded guilty today to one count of fourth degree criminal sexual conduct, and two counts of providing alcohol to minors. (05/07/2012)
Critics of the decision to close the aviation program at St. Cloud State University say the move comes at exactly the wrong time and is at odds with an industry in need of employees. (05/02/2012)
A storm producing tornadoes, heavy rain and hail hit central Minnesota this evening. (05/01/2012)
More than 250 Minnesota National Guard members returned Friday from service assisting in the draw-down of the war in Iraq. (04/27/2012)
Sibley County Commissioners voted unanimously Tuesday to take part in a $70-million public broadband project. The vote means farms in the most rural parts of Sibley County could soon have the option of high-speed Internet. (04/24/2012)
Minnesota-based Hutchinson Technology posted slightly better second-quarter earnings after markets closed Tuesday. (04/24/2012)
A vote in Sibley County to bring high-speed access to the area affects everything from school technology programs to the county's multimillion-dollar agriculture industry. (04/23/2012)
Hotel company executive Jim Graves won the DFL endorsement Saturday in the state's 6th Congressional District to run against Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann. (04/14/2012)
Some Minnesota Native American tribes will benefit from a $1 billion settlement with the federal government over mismanagement of funds held in trust. (04/12/2012)
Some of the claims by tribes date back over 100 years. In all, 41 tribes in the US will receive payments. (04/12/2012)
A hotel company chief executive is running for Congress as a Democrat in Minnesota's 6th District, in hopes of facing incumbent Republican Michele Bachmann in the November election. (04/10/2012)
Fire crews battling large wildfires in the northern parts of the state raise concerns about the dry conditions so early in the season. (04/09/2012)