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Conrad Wilson covers central Minnesota from the MPR News bureau in Collegeville. Prior to coming to MPR, he reported for an NPR station in Colorado. His reports have aired nationally on All Things Considered and Weekend Edition Sunday. He's also written for BusinessWeek, City Pages, The Christian Science Monitor, and briefly covered Congress for the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Best interview: Terry Tempest Williams. Coolest story: a massive Ice Age fossil discovery. He's constantly searching for the illusive Lake Wobegon. If you find it, let him know.

Conrad Wilson Feature Archive

After some delays, Xcel Energy's Sherco coal plant is almost back online. The plant was damaged in 2011 and repairs were supposed to be completed in March of this year. (09/04/2013)
Lucinda Jesson
Suicides in the state hit an all time high in 2011 as 684 people took their own lives. Most occurred among working age adults between 25 and 64 years old, Minnesota Department of Health data released this morning show. (08/30/2013)
Bill Lundeen
When slashing the number and size of walleye fishermen could take from Mille Lacs, state officials said say they had to do it for the long term health of the fishery. But businesses with fortunes tied to the lake are paying the cost. (08/27/2013)
The DNR is investigating an apparent wolf attack on a 16-year-old in northern Minnesota on Saturday. The boy was treated and released from the hospital. (08/26/2013)
The number of zebra mussels in Lake Mille Lacs has declined this year for the first time since they were discovered in 2005, Department of Natural Resources researchers say. (08/22/2013)
The Minnesota State Fair starts today. What's new at this year? Think ice skating, honey, and a little something called "canstruction." (08/22/2013)
Allegiant Air officials say they will announce details about where they will be expanding service -- to a "leisure destination" -- Tuesday morning. (08/19/2013)
In June, the city made a formal offer to bond holders, paying back $5.75 million of the $26 million borrowed to finance the construction of the network in 2008, before aggressive competition from private companies put the publicly owned company in a financially precarious position. (08/19/2013)
A coalition of doctors and public health advocates wants Minnesota to join a growing number of states that have laws aimed at saving the lives of drug abusers. (08/08/2013)
A man who killed himself in January would have likely been arrested for killing Cold Spring, Minn., police officer Tom Decker, state officials said Tuesday. (08/07/2013)
Xcel Energy's nuclear power plant in Monticello is back online after four months. (08/05/2013)
The Minnesota Department of Health's investigation of Assumption Home found that the facility didn't assess the risks of using a bed rail for a patient suffering from dementia. The patient died of asphyxiation after becoming lodged between the bed's mattress and rail. (07/24/2013)
Aaron Joseph Heuer appeared in Otter Tail County District Court Tuesday on four counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct and four counts of second-degree criminal sexual conduct. (07/23/2013)
The Federal Emergency Management Agency will assess how the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, Xcel Energy, and local officials respond to a simulated emergency at the central Minnesota nuclear plant. (07/23/2013)
Residents on Lake Marion, in northwestern Minnesota, decided against a lake improvement district in a vote over the weekend. (07/21/2013)