Caroline Yang

Freelance photographer
Minnesota Public Radio

Caroline Yang is a freelance photographer based in St. Paul. Since opening her studio in 2001, she has worked on projects covering the 2004-2006 Tours de France, 2008 presidential and senatorial campaign events, hunger issues in Minnesota, and the 150th Anniversary of the US-Dakota War of 1862. She is currently documenting the artist-led Saint Paul Ballet. | Find Caroline on Instagram

Caroline Yang Feature Archive

Billie Jo McDonald
Poverty in Minnesota is on the rise. But census numbers released in September show poverty hits some groups harder than others -- including American Indians. On the White Earth reservation in northern Minnesota, tribal officials estimate up to 50 percent of American Indians live below the poverty line. (10/04/2011)
Homeless and hungry
Homeless youth in the state -- whether in shelters, couch hopping, or on the streets -- struggle to get enough to eat. Food shelves and meal programs offer help, but some youth have to use their own survival skills to get by. (09/06/2011)
With an unemployment rate of 10.1 percent -- among the state's highest -- Kanabec County has many people in need, some for the first time. (08/18/2011)