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The two ski jumps, built in 1924 and 1969, served as early training ramps for a generation of Olympic ski jumpers. But they haven't been used for nearly a decade as children exchanged their jumping skis for snowboards and other pastimes. (08/19/2014)
The three-story red stone mansion is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and is on the market for about $750,000. The fire caused more than 150 thousand dollars in damage. (08/19/2014)
The goal is to replace lost Fond du Lac funds. (08/18/2014)
City leaders and biking groups celebrated completion of phase one of the Duluth Traverse trail system on Friday. When complete, the trail will consist of five trail hubs linked by a trail spanning 26 miles along city's steep hillside. (08/15/2014)
A federal court jury in Minneapolis in October found Jim Carlson guilty of 51 felony counts for selling the products labeled under names like "bath salts," "incense" and "watch cleaners" at his shop, Last Place on Earth. (08/14/2014)
Attendance at the Glensheen estate has fallen two-thirds since the 1980s, to a point now where the mansion might close to the public if the decline continues. (08/11/2014)
If the EPA approves the request, the band will become only the sixth tribe nationwide to achieve the status, Fond du Lac Air Program Coordinator Alex Jackson said. (08/07/2014)
Three years ago the city removed parts of the jumps to try to prevent people from climbing them. Officials estimate it would cost over one million dollars to renovate them. The city is planning a historic marker to honor its legacy of ski jumping. (08/02/2014)
In most cases, local governments can't remove an elected official from office. But state statute considers an elected office to be vacated if the official is convicted of a felony. (07/31/2014)
It may seem crazy, to move an entire highway to the sake of a mine, but it's not as unusual as it sounds. On the Iron Range, there's a long history of moving roads — and entire towns — to make way for mining. (07/30/2014)
On Tuesday, the young woman at the center of the case testified that Scannell touched her inappropriately and tried to convince her to have sex with him when she was 17. (07/25/2014)
Hunters in northeast Minnesota will feel the greatest impact from a bucks-only season. (07/23/2014)
A young woman Tuesday testified that Cook County Attorney Tim Scannell touched her inappropriately and tried to convince her to have sex with him when she was 17. (07/23/2014)
Attorneys made their opening statements Tuesday at the St. Louis County Courthouse in the trial of Cook County Attorney Tim Scannell, who is charged with criminal sexual conduct. Scannell is accused of having inappropriate sexual contact two summers ago with a 17-year-old girl, when he was 46. Here's a recap of where the case stands. (07/22/2014)
Beer. It's helped Duluth transform itself from a city largely built on the mining and shipping industries. (07/21/2014)