Dan Kraker Feature Archive

In the latest round of Range cuts, Steel Dynamics said Tuesday it will shut two operations for at least two years due to the drop in pig iron prices. (05/26/2015)
Conservationists in Duluth are hopeful that an endangered bird is on the cusp of nesting in the area for the first time in more than 30 years. (05/23/2015)
Gov. Mark Dayton has signed a law that exempts seed libraries and individuals from rules that require seeds to be tested and labeled before they are sold or given away. (05/22/2015)
Government agencies, tribes and nonprofit groups are spending millions to plant trees and restore forests in northeast Minnesota so moose will have the food and shelter they need to survive. (05/22/2015)
Superior is 5 degrees warmer than it was 30 years ago. The amount of surface ice is down a whopping 80 percent. There's less food for fish. (05/20/2015)
Gov. Mark Dayton and former Gov. Tim Pawlenty held a ceremonial ground breaking Friday for a campground at Lake Vermillion-Soudan Underground Mine State Park, a camp for more than 250 campers. (05/08/2015)
Walleyes remain the prized catch of Minnesota anglers. But concerns over invasive species and the fishery's long-term health are clouding this year's fishing season, which opens Saturday. (05/08/2015)
With a costly upgrade needed for the Lake Superior Zoo, city officials are weighing whether to transform it into different kind of attraction. But zoo supporters say the city needs it. (05/04/2015)
Concerned that collaring is killing some moose, Gov. Mark Dayton is stopping the research practice "immediately and indefinitely." (04/28/2015)
The Superior Hiking Trail largely traverses public land, but it also crosses about 50 sections of private property. One owner now wants hikers off his land. (04/28/2015)
There has been a sharp increase in the number of dogs killed by wolves in northern Minnesota. Controlling them is difficult, as they are on the Endangered Species List. (04/27/2015)
The festival showcases 200 bands from the Duluth-Superior area, from relative unknowns to well-known favorites like Trampled by Turtles and Charlie Parr. (04/25/2015)
Opponents had pushed for a full environmental impact statement on the bigger taconite mine near Babbitt. (04/23/2015)
Iron Rangers are bracing for the impending layoffs of 1,100 mine workers later this spring. The job losses likely will significantly affect a regional economy that relies heavily on mining. (04/22/2015)
Rescuers traveled by boat and on foot as snow fell in the dark to reach the man, who is in his late 20s. He was dead when they arrived. (04/21/2015)