Dan Kraker Feature Archive

The Humane Society sought to protect wolves under threatened status as a compromise between the current endangered listing and proposals to remove wolves from protection. (06/30/2015)
Warning of possible disaster, environmental groups implored Gov. Mark Dayton on Monday to change PolyMet's plans to mine copper, nickel and precious metals near the Boundary Waters. (06/29/2015)
Minnesota Power is proposing a new electric transmission line to carry hydroelectric power from Manitoba, Canada to the Iron Range. (06/27/2015)
PolyMet Mining officials are praising a third preliminary environmental report on the company's proposed mine near the Boundary Waters Canoe Area. But critics say it doesn't include enough environmental safeguards. (06/26/2015)
Federal officials say Duluth sent 47 million gallons of sewage into the St. Louis River and Lake Superior from 1999 to 2004. Mayor Don Ness called the old system an embarrassment. (06/24/2015)
As the steel industry contends with disappearing blast furnaces and a changing market, some say the Iron Range needs to produce a purer kind of iron for electric arc furnaces. (06/24/2015)
The state Department of Natural Resources plans to allow mining companies to look for metals in seven counties. Environmentalists worry how the operations would affect a sensitive region. (06/23/2015)
Prescribed burns in the Boundary Waters help prevent bigger wildfires, although it's hard to escape the anxiety of a fire in the woods. Here's how the Forest Service does it. (06/22/2015)
Three environmental groups want a court to order the DNR to conduct an environmental impact statement of the proposed expansion of Northshore Mining's Peter Mitchell pit. (06/17/2015)
The park is best known for its iconic swinging bridge, which was toppled by floods in 2012 but rebuilt the following year. (06/13/2015)
Officials say people who are sensitive to air pollution should limit their activity until the air clears. (06/09/2015)
Seven years ago, only about 30 students statewide competed. Now, it's Minnesota's fastest growing high school sport. As state championships start this week, how did it get so popular? (06/08/2015)
A new school offering courses on traditional northern crafts and skills is launching in Ely this weekend. (06/07/2015)
The Minnesota Public Utilities Commission hears testimony today on whether the Sandpiper pipeline proposed by Enbridge Energy is needed to transport North Dakota crude to refineries in the Midwest. (06/03/2015)
Two bands worry wild rice crops may be damaged by the proposed Sandpiper oil pipeline. As the tribes hold hearings, state officials plan a major ruling on Sandpiper this week. (06/01/2015)