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Today on the MPR News Update: The NRA breaks its silence over the elementary school massacre in Connecticut. Also, news about the shuttered St. Paul Ford plant, legislative agendas for environmentalists and same-sex marriage proponents, a mobile food shelf that's become a model for the nation, and a "Christmas Carol" from "tha hood." (12/21/2012)
Today on the MPR News Update: The Connecticut elementary school massacre continues to resonate in Minnesota. Also, we take a look back at how quickly the shooting deaths of police officers are resolved, return for another visit with a man coping with ALS, and tell you about another key departure at Best Buy. (12/20/2012)
Today on the MPR News Update, Minnesota mental health professionals and educators address mass shootings. We hear from the son of a victim of a mass shooting in Minneapolis. Also, we have the latest on the Cold Spring police officer killing, a plan to move sand around in Wabasha, and on how the group that pressed for construction of a new St. Croix River bridge is keeping the pressure on. (12/18/2012)
Today on the podcast, some of the areas hardest hit by flooding earlier this year still haven't received much government financial help. Disaster "preppers" gather in Minnesota. And, not knowing English can drag a student's performance down in a number of academic areas. But first, everybody's talking about the Friday shooting rampage in Connecticut. (12/17/2012)
There's been another mass shooting, this time in Connecticut. Also, we hear about the battle over a park along the Mississippi River in St. Paul, and the Roman Catholic Church licking its wounds after a bruising battle over same-sex marriage. All that and more in today's MPR News Update. (12/14/2012)
Today on the MPR News Update: Light rail construction is ahead of schedule, the poverty rate in Minnesota is leveling off, our two biggest cities pass budgets and levy increases, and communities in outstate Minnesota look for ways to move forward under changing - and permanent -- demographic and cultural changes. (12/13/2012)
We have more on the state health care insurance voucher program that doesn't seem to be working very well. Also, we hear from the police chief who lost one of his men nearly two weeks ago. And, Minnesota wildlife experiences the drought. But first up, news about Delta Airlines. (12/11/2012)
Today on the MPR News Update, we report on questions being asked about the ethical behavior of a St. Cloud state lawmaker, a trail of tears from South Dakota to Mankato, and the more than 16 inches of snow that fell on parts of Minnesota over the weekend. We'll look at the weather first. (12/10/2012)
Today on the MPR News Update page: Top state officials have declined to approve the sale of 31 leases to explore for minerals. Players in this past spring's Vikings stadium endgame say they're reluctant to reopen the deal struck in May. And we speak with the filmmaker behind a new documentary on climate change. (12/07/2012)
Today on the MPR News Update we report on Officer Tom Decker's burial in Collegeville attended by thousands of police officers, take measure of how lawmakers plan to deal with Minnesota's budget deficit, look at the state's economic prospects, and more. (12/06/2012)
Today in the MPR News Update, Officer Tom Decker is buried, Janee Harteau is sworn in as the new top Minneapolis cop, the state faces a $1.1 billion deficit, both Twin Cities orchestras are in the red, too, and St. Paul pulls back the curtain on a massive Union Depot rehab project. (12/05/2012)
Welcome to the MPR News Update, Minnesota's news on your schedule. Today we're reporting about advocates for same-sex marriage gearing up for a fight in the Legislature. We also ask whether Minnesotans care about the fiscal cliff. And, why we be worried about "superbugs." (12/03/2012)
A small town southeast of St. Cloud reels after a police officer is shot. Minnesota's congressional delegation tackles the fiscal cliff. And those zany British television ads are back for viewing at the Walker Art Center. Those stories and more in the MPR News Update (11/30/2012)
Will Golden Valley go for a light rail line connecting Minneapolis and Brooklyn Park? Are we still in a foreclosure crisis in Minnesota? Will Janee Harteau be the next top cop in Minneapolis? Those questions, some answers and more on today's MPR News Update. (11/29/2012)
Today on the MPR News Update, a bedbug-infested apartment building in St. Paul debuts as affordable housing after a refurbishment, the state looks for a new way to pay for public education, Central Corridor light rail construction will continue, and we learn more about the two shooting deaths in Little Falls. (11/28/2012)