Hart Van Denburg Feature Archive

Today in the NPR News Update we look into a ruling affecting bald eagles near wind turbines, offer a photo tour of Minnesota's burgeoning breweries, note the increase in flu deaths, and review Prince's Minneapolis gigs. Also: Women at the gun range. (01/18/2013)
Today on the MPR News Update: Does having a gun in the home put family members more at risk? Also, a county sheriff in Minnesota says he won't enforce new federal gun restrictions. Expectations for pull-tab gambling revenues are shrinking. And we take a look at the burgeoning Minnesota brewery business. (01/17/2013)
Along with stories about U of M hiring, sex trafficking, the flu and food stamp programs, we spent a lot of time Wednesday talking about guns. President Obama offered his specific proposals to help decrease gun violence after the attacks at an Aurora, Colo., movie theater and the Dandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut. (01/16/2013)
Today on the MPR News Update, the leader of the NRA visits Minnesota, assigning blame for bike-car crashes, lagging gambling revenue for the new Vikings stadium, and a new twist for ALS patients. (01/15/2013)
Today on the MPR News Update, state lawmakers consider extending the sales tax to clothing, farmland prices are so high that new farmers can't find a row to hoe, Ramsey County officials take new steps to combat teen runaways and child sec trafficking, and the Bottineau light rail line in the Twin Cities faces another hurdle today at the Met Council. (01/14/2013)
The flu death toll is climbing, Twin Cities schools are more segregated, civic leaders are looking for answers to gun violence, and the DFL-led Legislature is laying out its priorities, a landmark Minneapolis music venue that's closing up shop and photos of the week. That and more on today's MPR News Update. (01/11/2013)
Minnesota lawmakers kick off their 2013 session and some DFLers are promising to introduce a bill to legalize same-sex marriage; a health insurance exchange is also on the agenda. The need to repair aging municipal water systems is gaining attention. And what happened to Minnesota's once enviable recycling habits? (01/08/2013)
Today on the MPR News Update, Minnesota legislators are getting ready for the start of the 2013 session this week, and an MPR news analysis finds the public is unable to find out a lot about their possible conflicts of interest. Bar and restaurant owners in downtown St. Paul await the return of the Minnesota Wild. And last year's drought has dried out the soil so much that some homes in southeastern Minnesota are sinking. (01/07/2013)
Today on the MPR News Update: Minneapolis dries out from a messy water main break, a GOP lawmaker resigns to be a lobbyist, St. Paul boosters imagine a great city without Macy's, the DNR likes a plan designed to keep Asian carp out of the state's waterways, and a nationwide child porn crackdown has a Minnesota link. (01/04/2013)
Today on the MPR News Update, we learn about an effort to help war veterans integrate into the workforce, what the DNR hopes to learn from the state's first official wolf hunt, the impending closure of downtown St. Paul's only major retail store, and how the newest members of Congress will fare on bitterly divided Capitol Hill. (01/03/2013)
Today on the MPR News Update: Legislation averting the so-called fiscal cliff passed the House Tuesday night with half of the Minnesota delegation voting yes. Musicians and managers of both the Minnesota Orchestra and the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra are back at the negotiating table. And state health officials say we could be in for a really bad flu season. (01/02/2013)
Today on a holiday-shortened version of the MPR News Update: The Minnesota Vikings clinch a spot in the playoffs after beating the Packers by a field goal. What will 2013 bring after a beastly year for Best Buy and Supervalu? And as 'fiscal cliff' negotiations get down to the wire, some economists say we shouldn't worry if it takes a few weeks longer to hammer out a deal. (12/31/2012)
Today on the MPR News Update. Here's some of what's been happening: Minneapolis Mayor RT Rybak won't run for a fourth term; a grieving father is charged in the accidental handgun death of his young son; farmers are apparently increasingly digging up old cemeteries and Minnesotans are still keeping food shelves hopping. (12/28/2012)
Today on the MPR News Update, as Gov. Mark Dayton enters the OR, we'll hear about the increasing use of fusion surgery to ease the pain of a bad back. Also, 150 years to the day from a mass execution of Dakota Indians in Mankato, many Dakota returned to city to remember. We'll hear about the collecting and selling of Minneapolis license plate data. And we have a story about a Minnesota farmer who's expanding his operation to Africa. (12/27/2012)
Today on the MPR News Update, 2012 was a record year for cases of whooping cough in Minnesota, an MPR News analysis of state court data shows prosecuting parents for leaving guns around kids is rare, and native Americans honor the 38 Dakota men hanged in Mankato 150 years ago today in the nation's largest-ever mass execution. (12/26/2012)