Hart Van Denburg Feature Archive

Today on the MPR News Update: Scientists a worried that invasive species may be behind the deaths of hundreds of migrating loons. There's word that the governor and legislators may be in for a pay raise. The state is putting the brakes on Turbo Tax filers, and more. (03/11/2013)
Today on the MPR News Update: The Minnesota Senate OKs legislation that would create a health insurance exchange website, advocates for Indian women cheer the Violence Against Women Act, the governor backs off part of his tax overhaul plan, same-sex marriage opponents rally to oppose a bill that keeps moving through the Capitol ... and more. (03/08/2013)
Today on the MPR News Update: The Minnesota House gives a thumbs-up to the health insurance exchange bill, many Republicans give a thumbs down to DFL-championed election changes, and the state's largest cities hope for a legislative bounty, and ketchup-flavored potato chips. But first, the weather: (03/05/2013)
Today on the MPR News Update we hear about legislation that opens early education to more students, the question of jobs versus the environment for northern Minnesota, why Xcel Energy wants to increase your rates, and game-changing news in the effort to find a cure for HIV-AIDS. (03/04/2013)
Today on the MPR News Update: The impact of looming sequestration on Minnesota's economy, the outlook for taxes in light of a lowered state deficit projection, a deadline for tribal members in a federal settlement, and reaction to a Republican's surprising shift on same-sex marriage. (03/01/2013)
Today on the MPR News Update: We hear arguments for and against Gov. Dayton's tax overhaul proposal, state officials worry - again -- about how they will pay for a new Vikings stadium, some people in state custody may have been held longer than necessary, and Lake Mille Lacs area folks sound off about a plan to cut fishing there in half. But first, the latest state budget forecast is out: (02/28/2013)
Today on the MPR News Update: Lawmakers consider new restrictions on frac sand mining, Minnesota Republican lawmakers who support same-sex marriage are targeted for defeat by a conservative group, and DFLers at the state Capitol hope to ease restrictions on illegal immigrants who want to attend state colleges and universities. (02/26/2013)
Twin Cities office security guards threaten to strike, Minnesota schools could take a hit if federal budget cuts kick in this week, and we take a look at whether the Mayo Clinic can bring in enough cash to finance its planned $6 billion expansion. (02/25/2013)
Today on the MPR News Update: Snow sends us into the weekend, there's more bad news from the St. Paul police crime lab, lawmakers consider alternates to the governor's budget proposal, other states are also fixing their budgets, and the flu vaccine isn't working that well for older folks. (02/22/2013)
Today on the MPR News Update: A state Senate committee is hearing from both sides of the gun debate today, Minnesotans are reacting to news about drivers license data breaches, there's some skepticism about Mayo Clinic's job-creation projections regarding its proposed expansion, and we hear from the wife of a soldier coping with personal battles at home. (02/21/2013)
Today on the MPR News Update: Somali students say they don't feel safe at South High School in Minneapolis, legislators are getting their first look at the governor's proposed public school funding bill, educators are asking the Legislature to reconsider last year's law on teacher testing, and more. (02/20/2013)
Today on the MPR News Update: The frac sand debate moves from southeastern Minnesota to the State Capitol today, Minnesota industry is doing a better job of scrubbing mercury from its emissions, we get a hot beverage on a cold day from a Twin Cities coffee shop that specializes in Arctic Circle home brew, and we'll hear from a woman who's Army sergeant son took his own life. (02/19/2013)
Today on the MPR News Update: What the frac sand mining debate in St. Paul means for southeastern Minnestoa, the fate of a comprehensive health insurance exchange bill, a look at fur trapping past and present as a way of life in Minnesota, why there are more blizzards but less snow, and more. (02/18/2013)
Today on the MPR News Update: We find out who's going to build the Vikings stadium, the president takes time to praise on Sharing and Caring Hands, a massive brawl gives a black eye to Minneapolis South High School, and we've got video of that 10-ton meteor smacking into Russia. (02/15/2013)
Today on the MPR News Update: A suspect is charged in the Oakdale shootings, the same sex marriage push has begun at the state Capitol, Gov. Dayton's tax proposal has Minnesota counties crying foul, childhood victims of abuse don't want prosecutions to be limited by time, and the Walker's Internet Cat Video Festival is on the move. (02/14/2013)